How to Find Deleted Instagram Posts

How to Find Deleted Instagram Posts

How do I see the pictures erased from Instagram?

Is it possible to recover the deleted photos from the Instagram? I use an Android phone. These deleted photos were sent to the application almost a month ago, and I have erased the original photos taken from the phone’s camera as usual. That’s the thing, now I can’t recover them through the application or through the phone!

It is true, trying to recover photos or images from the Instagram through the application is very unlikely, because there is no recycle Bin there. However, if the photos were erased by the owners of the Instagram using their own Android devices, fortunately, there may have been some Instagram recovery solutions that could help recover the images and photos erased in the Instagram.

1. Check photo album on your Android phone

Do you know that whenever you use an Android device to upload a photo in Instagram, then a copy of it is saved on the device at the same time? This is how to make a backup of the photos of the Instagram on your phone, just locate the copied photos, going to my files > > > > > > folder Instagram. Check the image folder, reload what you have erased to recover the photos from the Instagram. It is the first recommended solution for photography recovery from Instagram.

2. Try photo Recovery software for Android

If the first Instagram photo recovery method fails, then you may need to try another method. EaseUS MobiSaver for Android may be your great choice, as it is designed to recover lost data, including photos, contacts, and messages on all Android devices. Now follow the step-by-step guide to give you a try with EaseUS’s Android retrieval tool.

This is Tutorial using EaseUS’s Android retrieval tool:

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