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How to Get Pomade Out of Hair

How to Get Pomade Out of Hair

Pomades are so big in taking your pomp to the next level as they stick to your hair like Superglue. That\’s because most of the base are made with oil, which is extremely impenetrable for water. For this reason, washing the ointment outside can be an elaborate nightmare (as many of you already know).

How to Get Pomade Out of Hair

How to Get Pomade Out of Hair

The regular shampoo does not remove it, and not even peanut butter (yes, we try). You have to take out the big guns to remove the fat from stubborn hair. Although elimination is a process, it is very helped by the ointment shampoo. Unlike normal shampoos, ointment shampoos have extra fat cutting powers that will make your life much easier. Continue reading for several of our best methods to remove Pomade.


Method 1/AJAX or Dawn and shampoo ointment

Turn off your hair with a spoonful of AJAX liquid dish detergent Super degreaser or a dishwashing liquid Dawn and let it sumerseas for a while. Then rinse with warm water. Follow with a shampoo ointment (like Schmiere Rumble 59 ex Shampoo 250ml) to get the last piece of Slick. Rinse with cold water to seal the hair follicles and to maintain a bright, healthy hairstyle.


Method 2/Olive oil, Ajax shampoo/Dawn/pomade, and conditioner

Use grease to cut fat. Not only is olive oil widely available, but it is also cheap and simultaneously adds moisture to the hair before the rough detergent pass. Our advice? Spread the olive oil on your hair when you are still in the shower to penetrate the open capillary follicles.

So far, most (if not all) of the ointment should be out of your hair. Follow with Ajax, Dawn, or shampoo ointment only if necessary, letting the product sit down for as long as it takes to break everything. Complete with a conditioner (such as restoring Dax without weight, restoring the conditioner) to avoid drying the hair.

This method differs from the first due to the extra-olive hydration Step-yes, it takes more time, but your hair will look happier for him.


Method 3/Change to a water-based ointment

Water-based ointeriess do not contain oil, so they are easily washed with water. While it is true that they do not give as much retention as oil-based ointments, they are much easier to treat at the end of the day. In addition, they are less likely to cause acne ointment-see our full post about water based and acne ointments here.

Ultimately, you will have to test the methods to see what works for you. How do you remove your pomade? We would love to hear new techniques!