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How to Increase Motor Power of the Motorcycle?

How to Increase Motor Power of the Motorcycle

The two-wheeler market offers several alternatives to improve the power of a motorcycle. However, some simple attitudes can contribute to it always being with the engine turning around, like a well-regulated clock.

Have you considered all the possibilities to extract the best performance from a motorcycle? So, check out this post how to increase motorcycle power.

How to Increase Motor Power of the Motorcycle


Count on a specialist who can increase motorcycle power

It is not any workshop that has credentials to ensure an increase in power to the motorcycle engine. Therefore, count on your workshop with professionals who know how to adapt the parts in the engine and also care about ensuring the stability and safety of the bike. There is no use in giving an increase in power if pilotage is compromised.

Often the bike does not need an upgrade of parts to develop more power, but to find what can be improved. If your workshop has a motorcycle scanner, for example, it is easier to identify if firing can be optimized, if the combustion cycle is optimized, and make many other adjustments to the engine to gain power only in the software.

However, investing in engine power and forgetting the rest is not enough. Remember to suggest to the customer, too, improvements in the brakes – better discs, larger calipers and more pistons – for example, so they can withstand the extra power that the engine will have. Include in this list of “extras” upgrades the tires, which must withstand the power and torque of the bike to transmit safely.


Know the power kits

For motorcycles with 150cc, if the customer wants to increase the strength of the motor, for example, the motorcycle market offers different options of kits that allow to increase the displacement for 190cc, for example. They are composed of cylinder, piston, rings and gaskets, fundamental for a more efficient burning of the mixture between air and fuel.

These kits are designed to be exchanged without the need of adapting the motor housing and making modification work easier.


Understand how maintenance is done

In addition to custom kits, reinforced valves, special spark plugs, differentiated oil filters and lighter parts can also be found on the motorcycle engine.

However, simple maintenance tips can help increase motorcycle engine performance. Therefore, try to make it clear to motorcyclists that it is important to keep the filters always changed, the spark plugs reinforced and use higher octane fuels to ensure that the engine stays as new and therefore with more power.


Replace engine with electronic injection systems

With the gradual replacement of the old carbureted bikes by motorcycles with injection systems , it is necessary to pay attention to the diagnosis of the electronic systems that are interconnected to the engine of the motorcycle.

By scanning the electronic injection it is possible to check the emission rate of pollutants, the quality of the mixture entering the engine cylinders, the indication of the engine temperature, and the engine speed at idle so that you optimize the developed power by the motorcycle.

However, be aware of the engine change, as it is strictly controlled by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) and must be made in accordance with the law. The simple exchange, without the conference and the re-registration of the engine number in the State Department of Transit (DETRAN) can cause fine, seizure of the motorcycle and even detention of the driver, in some cases.

Therefore, make sure you have all the certificates that guarantee that your workshop is reliable and that you have a specialized staff for this type of service. Thus, you do not run the risk of, for lack of full knowledge of the legislation, cause some kind of undesirable situation and, as a consequence, your client has a negative image of your business.


Reinforce the need for periodic maintenance

The motor is not formed by only one component. Several parts are essential for it to be fully functional. To extract the best from the engine you must always be aware of the average consumption, check and distrust strange noises and make periodic and preventive maintenance.

Simple maintenance such as cleaning and replacing the air cleaner, spark plugs and candle cables has a tremendous impact on the power of the bike. After all, these are the components responsible for ensuring that the air gets cleaned in the combustion chamber (air filter) for an optimum combustion of the fuel (candles and sail cables).


Check engine power

Many people still confuse cylinder capacity with power. Displacement refers to the engine’s ability to burn air and fuel and is compressed by the pistons. It is because it is a larger number that the displacements are more attention to the consumer when buying a motorcycle.

However, a motorcycle with a larger displacement is not always more powerful than one of smaller displacement – and many motorcyclists are deceived by these numbers. Whenever you are consulted, help him or her check the engine power to properly know the performance of a particular motorcycle.

For example, engines with the same displacement can have different powers, as with the Yamaha XJ6 (600cc and 77.5 hp) and the Honda Hornet (600cc and 102 hp), for example.

Although they have the same displacement and the same configuration of 4 cylinders, these bikes develop powers very different from each other. The torque is also different, being 6.1 mkgf for the XJ6 and 6.53 mkgf for the Hornet.


Invest in the training of your employees

Your workshop must have a mechanic who wins your trust, who is able to analyze the quality of the equipment and the technological resources available to make quality modifications to the motorcycle engine.

The competence of the professional who will work to keep customers’ machines in good health is also critical so you do not have any hassles in the future.

To ensure that your workshop is considered reliable is not only to assure the client of the peace of mind that the bike will handle all day-to-day demands after maintenance, but is also to be an honest partner for any situation – motorcyclist’s idea to increase the power of the motorcycle and boost it to leave it your way.

Now that you are already inside of some tips on how to increase power of the bike, take the opportunity to share with us recommendations other useful recommendations on the subject! Leave your comment in the post!