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How to Make Shoes White Again

How to Make Shoes White Again

How to Make Shoes White Again – Give your white sneakers a second youth by following our tips. From white vinegar to toothpaste to washing machine, you will no longer have excuses to clean your shoes.

You remember their first day, freshly out of their box, immaculate and smelling good new. Today, your white sneakers are degrading, yellowing … impossible to regain their luster. Our practical tips to give a new look to your white tennis in fabric or leather as well as your shoelaces.

How to Make Shoes White Again

Clean your white shoes in canvas

There are a number of effective solutions available to you. For soil or grass traces, place baking soda on a wet brush with hot water and rub the dirty parts. Then rinse your fabric shoes and dry them in a dry place, away from sunlight, which may discolor parts of your sneakers. If you do not have bicarbonate on hand, white toothpaste (not red or blue) or white vinegar offer an alternative.

Clean his white leather sneakers

Timeless, white leather sneakers are a classic. To make them last, waterproof them as soon as you buy, and repeat this every two weeks. Waterproofing prevents the shoe from deteriorating in the rain or snow.

If your white leather shoes already have a few kilometers to the counter and begin to lose their luster, spread out the make-up milk with a piece of cotton to feed them and remove the less stubborn stains. If some persist, use a little alcohol at 90 °. The result should be immediate.

Remove the yellow traces of his white sneakers

Starting from a certain time, you begin to see yellow traces on the soles and the tip of your sneakers? These are usually plastic areas. White vinegar and toothpaste are two effective remedies for whitening these surfaces. Use a toothbrush, soak it with one of these two products, and rub hard enough to get a result.

Giving back sparkle to its laces

Shoelaces degrade faster than your sneakers. Wash them separately to allow no trace to pass through. Rub your shoelaces with a toothbrush and soap, and then put them in a machine. Bright laces will give a more general look to your shoes.

Go to a professional

If you are worried about damaging your shoes during the cleaning, workshops have specialized in the cleaning and renovation of the trainers. This is the case of sneakers & Chill, a Parisian workshop located in the Sentier district which proposes to refurbish your sneakers.