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How to Reach From Delhi to Manali by Train

How to Reach From Delhi to Manali by Train

Hello guys, There is no direct train that departs from Delhi and arrives at Manali. One has to reach Kalka railway station or Chandigarh railway station and then take a taxi or bus to Manali. The minimal distance covered by rail from Delhi to the town of Manali is 537 km. The quicker train from Delhi to Manali takes around 4 hours of trip time.


Delhi To Manali Train Timetable (Updated 2020)

How to Reach From Delhi to Manali by Train

How to Reach From Delhi to Manali by Train

There are a total of ten trains that depart from Delhi and arrive at Manali. While some of them are available for daily booking, a few are only available on certain days. You can find the train timetable below, Chenk it now:

Train Number Train Name Time Of Departure Time Of Arrival Travel Time Operational Days Fare (in INR)
12005 Kalka Shatabdi 17:15 21:20 04:05 All days CC- INR 640,EC- INR 1155
12011 Kalka Shatabdi 07:40 11:45 04:05 All days CC- INR 755,EC- INR 1190
14095 Himalyan Queen 05:35 11:10 05:35 All days 2S- INR 110,CC- INR 405
12925 Paschim Express 11:05 16:45 5:40 All days Sleeper- INR 215,3A – INR 545,  2A –INR 755
12311 Hwh Dli Klk Mail 21:30 04:35 07:05 All days Sleeper – INR 205,3A – INR 550, 2A – INR 780,

1A- INR 1300

22455 Snsi Klk Sup Express 07:50 12:20 04:30 Wed, Sun Sleeper – INR 230,3A – INR 540, 2A – INR 745
12057 Uhl Janshatabdi 14:35 19:05 04:30 All days N/A
13008 U A Toofan Express 07:00 05:00 10:00 All days N/A
12449 Goa Smprk K Express 18:25 23:45 05:20 Wed, Thu Sleeper – INR 200,3A – INR 495, 2A – INR 680,

1A– INR 1135

14217 Unchahar Express 04:25 9:50 05:25 All days Sleeper – INR 165,3A – INR 450,

2A– INR 635

Note: The timings of the trains are subject to change at the discretion of the Indian railways.


Delhi To Manali Train Fares

The AC 1 tier train of Delhi to Manali is anywhere between INR 1000-1300. Various trains have several rates as the duration, and the train route of the trains are different. We recommend you to get your train tickets booked well in advance to confirm your seats and avoid shelling out too much money for Tatkal tickets.


How To Book Delhi To Manali Train

To book Delhi to Manali trains lets go to the official website of the Indian Railways i.e., where you can find all accurate information regarding time table, fare, seat availability, and your PNR status. You can also book your meals on the website.


Frequently Asked Questions About Delhi To Manali Trains

Q. What is an ideal time to visit Manali?

A. The best time is anywhere between October to February. The temperature is below zero degrees at this time, so make sure to woolens.

Q. Which are the available trains from Delhi to Manali?

A. If you want to go to Manali from Delhi, there are a total of 10 trains you can board. Some of these trains are Himalyan Queen, Kalka Shatabdi, and Paschim Express.

Q. How many trains run between Delhi and Manali?

A. There are no direct trains. If you decide to go to Manali by train from Delhi, you have several options from Kalka and Chandigarh. Around ten trains run between these two places.

Q. How to reach Manali faster by train from Delhi?

A. Your fastest option would be Kalka Shatabdi that takes around 4 hours of travel time.

Q. What is the distance between Delhi and Manali?

A. If you are traveling by road, you need to go 536 km to arrive at Manali from Delhi. By train, the minimal distance is 537 km. The aerial distance between these two places is 403 km.

Q. From which stations in Delhi, can you get trains to Manali?

A. If you are traveling from Delhi to Manali by train, you can get trains from various stations in Delhi. Some of these stations are New Delhi Railway Station, Delhi S Rohilla and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, etc.

Q. How much train fare do you need to pay to reach Manali from Delhi?

A. It relies on the preference of your seat. If you book First AC (1A), it will cost Rs.1100. If you book 2A, it is around Rs.700 and If you book 3A it will cost Rs.50. For the sleeper class, prices begin at Rs.200.

Q. How much time does it take to reach Manali from Delhi by train?

A. It will take approximately 4-5 hours to reach Manali by train. As there are no direct trains to Manali from Delhi, you will have to get down at Kalka or Chandigarh and take a taxi or bus to Manali.