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How to Relace a Baseball Glove

How to Relace a Baseball Glove

How to Relace a Baseball Glove – It is very important for baseball players to ensure that their glove is properly maintained and stored:

How to Relace a Baseball Glove

This is the first and best protection a player has!
Its lifespan will only be better: it can retain its flexibility and good shape
It will therefore be in the best conditions for each game to be realized
To keep your baseball glove in good condition, here are some easy-to-achieve tips:


To do: When not in use, store your glove on a shelf in a cool, dry place, or at room temperature.
Do not: Do not leave your glove outside, or near a heater, or in your equipment bag.
To do: Remodel your glove. Place two baseball balls (better a softball ball) in your glove pocket, and wrap with a binder (ideally a net).

Do not: Leave your glove in your bag or even on a shelf with nothing in it, it will crash and catch a ball with will become Compliqé!

To do: Tighten or reconnect the laces between the fingers and crevices of your glove, use the square and pronation knots at best (type knots in 8). Check the broken laces, and repair them as soon as possible to avoid injuries and accidents. If necessary, ask your coach


To do: Keep your glove dry, if your glove is wet, dry it with a clean absorbent cloth and let it dry in the air naturally. Be aware that drying tends to harden the leather. Do not worry, it should soften again naturally to use. Apply a leather conditioner securely to the glove after it has dried to soften it.
Do not: Do not use a hairdryer, put it in the vicinity of an oven, or in the dryer as this will harden the leather and make it crack.


To do: clean and condition your baseball glove regularly with a suitable product.
Do not: Do not spit in your glove, your saliva can damage it!
Do not: Put water in high quantity, never! It’s leather and the leather doesn’t like the water, especially the one in your baseball glove.
= > However, if your glove is very dirty you can use a damp and soft cloth to remove the dirt layer.

Do not: Use a silicone-containing leather product to be avoided! After applying the silicone gives you the impression that it acts well, or it is very bad for your baseball glove and will crack the leather after a while.
Do not: Use a leather product containing oil, to be avoided as long as possible!
Tips for new Baseball gloves:

It is very important that when buying a new baseball glove to know the right steps to “make your glove”. At risk if not ill train it: difficulty in opening and closing it, difficulty in preserving the ball inside, kickback effect, etc.

You are not obligated to apply a product to help perfect your glove. American and/or low-priced gloves are generally preoiled. But it is advisable to apply Glovolium in the Palm and pocket of your baseball glove, before each workout, the first few times. However, there is no mystery, often playing with it remains the best way to “do it”.

The minimum approach to preserving your glove:

  • After each use, clean your glove and put a softball (or 2 baseball) in your glove and close it with an elastic, or squeeze it into a net.
  • The products to clean the leather and to condition it are not the same. You do not clean your glove with the same product used to feed or condition it.
  • Attention to the rag, it should not be any one, take a soft cloth and leave no trace behind it (towel, handkerchief are to be avoided).
  • Do not put a lot of product at once, always little by little, without fouling your glove. Test on a part of your glove the result and skip to the rest only if the result suits you.
  • When you apply a product, you will be allowed to dry for 48 hours in the shelter of the light with a softball inside.
  • Do not apply 2 products at the same time or at intervals too short.


Care products for Baseball glove:

All baseball brands such as Rawlings, Mizuno, Wilson have their own recommended product for their glove, but of course their use is worth it for all. The baseball glove conditioner is however to be used especially in the early life of the glove, to soften it before each workout. Beyond that, it is necessary to use these products only once or twice a year, at the risk of being stuck with a pancake.