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How to Remove a Sticker from Your Car

How to Remove a Sticker from Your Car

How to remove a sticker from your car

Stickers are often a bummer to take off! Especially if they have been in place for a long time. Here are some tricks to come to the end of a recalcitrant sticker!

How to Remove a Sticker from Your Car

Glass, bodywork, attention to support

One does not take off in the same way a sticker stuck on the windshield of another in place on the bodywork. The sheet metal, plastic elements are much more fragile than the glasses. The risk is then to cause irreparable damage to the beautiful paint of your vehicle.


Heat Sticker

First operation: Heat the sticker, this will soften the glue and thus avoid the unsightly traces. For this, prefer the use of the hairdryer or use the heat produced by a light source (the sun, spot) but flee the heated stripper. In a few seconds, it can ravage a paint or distort the sheet of your vehicle. In most cases, after being heated, the sticker takes off without too many problems.


The sticker plays the glue pots!

If the sticker resists all these efforts, then scratch. With a razor blade tilted on a glazed surface to avoid scratches. On the rear bezel, be careful not to cut the wires that are used for de-icing. On the body, gently scrape with the fingernail or a plastic squeegee. Chemical peeling may damage the paint of the vehicle.


Remove the last traces of glue

There is still glue: Use the household products found in the trade: Gasoline F, alcohol to burn, white spirit. The brake cleaner is spotless on a glazed surface. On the other hand, acetone and nail polish are to be handled with caution: they may, in some cases, attack plastics or paints. It is, therefore, preferable to try out a non-visible part before getting to work.