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How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings – Changing a bearing is not a very difficult task. A little bit of training, a little strength and especially a lot of precision allow to easily mount/disassemble the bearings of a skateboard truck.

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

CAUTION: bearing = fragile

Bearings are precision mechanical parts. A good rolling bearing is a waterproof bearing, the balls of which are not damaged and have not been subjected to strong pressure. When installing a bearing, it is unfortunately easy to force on the bearing and to damage it.

The ideal method

To really take care of its bearings, the perfect method is to use a dedicated machine: The Rolling press (for sale here). It costs a bit expensive but it is the dream machine. The bearings are not damaged and the handling is fast is easy (no need to force thanks to the lever arm). This type of machine also allows you to remove the bearings without getting your hands dirty.

The manual method

For the common skaters, you have to do without a press. But as a bearing is very fragile it must be ensured:

  • Never press on the bearing cage (the mechanism that contains the beads and is protected by a small piece that hides the beads on each side)
  • Do not apply pressure only on one side
  • Do not give shots (with blows or hammers/screwdrivers …)

It is normal to have to force to get a bearing in or out. This is annoying for mounting/dismantling but otherwise, the bearing would float in the wheel and this would cause other worries.

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