How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking

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How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking – You can calm a pair of squeaky shoes by making minor adjustments to the sole and upper shoe. Old and new shoes squeak when the parts of the shoe material rub together then the wearer walks. Excessive moisture or desiccated leather and rubber are often the cause of a squeaky shoe. When a squeaking sound is emitted from shoes, it can attract attention and cause embarrassment to the wearer. Remedy a pair of noisy shoes by trying some simple patches with common household items.

Clogs are a type of shoe or sandal that is usually made with a heavy sole of wood, cork or rubber, often with an open heel. The part of the shoe that covers the upper part of the feet can be made from leather, suede or other fabrics. People who wear clogs often complain that the shoe squeak, which can be caused by a loop on the friction of the shoe against the leather or the noise created by the material in the friction of the heel against the ground. There are a few tricks to try out during an attempt to remove the squeaking noise.

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking
How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking



  • Dry wet combs that are squeaking using a hair dryer that is set to high wind speed and low temperature. Testing the shoes by walking in once the top has completely dried.
  • Examine the construction of the shoe and the way the sole is attached. Use a soft waterproof adhesive to reconnect a loose sole. When the glue completely heals according to the manufacturer’s instructions before testing the Squeak Shoe.
  • Clean and revitalize a leather top of the shoe to moisturize the leather and make it softer. Even new shoe leather can benefit from softening leather conditioned oils.
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon or two of baby powder or cornstarch inside each shoe, and shake the shoes vigorously from one side to the other to spread dust. The powder will absorb the moisture that can cause the squeaking.
  • Take the squeaky shoes to a cobbler if they keep making noise after trying these home remedies. Show the grinding for the cobbler and ask for a quotation before accepting repairs.

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