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How to Tie Down a Motorcycle

How to Tie Down a Motorcycle

How to Tie Down a Motorcycle – Incorrectly connecting a motorcycle can lead to the fall of your truck or trailer and onto the road while you are driving. To keep your motorcycle safe during transportation, use an effective procedure to tie it up in the bed of your trailer, so it does not fall over. Follow these steps on how to tie a motorcycle.

Put a motorcycle wheel to the front of the truck bed or trailer. A motorcycle wheel footwear is a metal wedge or other sturdy material placed in front of the front wheel of the motorcycle to prevent any movement.

How to Tie Down a Motorcycle

Load your motorcycle on the bed of the truck or in tow. Push the bike up a ramp, or ask some helpers to get on the bike to get into the truck bed or trailer.

Push the front wheel into the wheel chock.

Wrap the soft bows around the base of the left and right handles. Flexible loops are straps that hold the hooks of your ratchet straps off your motorcycle to prevent scratches.

Open your ratchet straps to the other end of your soft ties in the lugs. Ratchet belts are made for standard binding applications and help keep your motorcycle firmly secured.

Attach another end of your ratchet straps to a safe spot on your truck or trailer.

Tighten your ratchet straps. Pull the slack out of a handle and gently squeeze it. Repeat the action on the other ratchet belt. Each strap needs to be tightened enough so that the bicycle stands with the help of the straps.

Find a stable component on both sides of the back of your motorcycle. Each motorcycle is a little different, so make sure that the part you choose is a structural and sturdy component of the bike, such as the frame.

Wrap elastic cords around each of the stable components on the back of your motorcycle.

Attach your ratchet strips. Open your ratchet straps to the soft loops on your motorcycle and the bed of your truck or trailer.

Tighten the ratchet straps on the behind of the motorcycle. Pull out the strap slack, then tighten.

Check the four belts. Make sure that each is tight and does not come loose during the process of tying your motorcycle.



Once you’ve just strapped your motorcycle, stand on the floor of your truck or trailer and pulled up and down to simulate driving on the street. This will give you an idea of how well the motorcycle will mount in the truck or trailer and will help you decide if you need to tighten the straps.

To ensure reliable retention, use a ratchet belt with a metal buckle and a tooth clamping plate.

Periodically check the belts. If you are going for a long trip, get out of the car or truck from time to time and evaluate the position of your motorcycle. Adjust the straps if the motorcycle has changed.

Have a helper holding the motorcycle upright while you’re tying.



Do not tighten your ratchet strips to the point where you fold components of your motorcycle.