How to Wear a Cardigan Mens

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How to Wear a Cardigan Mens


What to wear a man blazer with?
The jacket is one of the easiest parts to wear. It does not ask for any particular skill, and is accommodates very well of solid and cheap basics.

Here are some tracks of clothing associations that have amply proven:

  • T-shirt sober (with possible print) + jacket
  • Scoop neck tee shirt (= deep round neckline) + shirt + jacket
  • Shirt (with collar twisted possibly) + jacket
  • Plaid Shirt+ Jacket
  • Cardigan + shirt + jacket
  • V-neck T-shirt + V-neck sweater + jacket
  • Hoodie of a sober color (+ possible shirt) + jacket
    Then we will take the time to illustrate this list of many look pictures.
  • The T-shirt and the blazer
  • V-neck Blazer and T-shirt

In the event of a summer weather, a simple lapel blazer fits very well with a V-neck T-shirt because the geometric lines of the collar and lapels are harmonious.

How to Wear a Cardigan Mens

By associating T-shirts with complementary collars, the layering (= stacking of layers) can bring contrasts and color reminders.

How to Wear a Cardigan Mens

In the case of the previous photo, the V-neck t-shirt worn under the Tunisian tee-shirt created an additional and harmonious geometric level.


If the temperatures are not too high, the same principle of overlap can be applied by wearing a cotton cardigan and a V-neck tee-shirt under the jacket.


Man blazer and T-shirt with round collar
According to the same géomètriques considerations, one may think that the round neck is not suitable. In fact, it’s not true as long as the basics are solid and elegantly matched. Below is a t-shirt BG-1.32 with round neck:


Once you have mastered the foundation of the look based on the cut and the colors, it’s time to play with the colors without looking for too sophisticated ideas (synonymous with a head shot).

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