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How to Wear a Pocket Watch (Correct Way)

How to Wear a Pocket Watch

How to Wear a Pocket Watch – Few modern men know how to wear a pocket watch. The article addresses, the correct way to use the watch, to give the image an extra brightness and solidity.

How to Wear a Pocket Watch


You will need:

  • Watch
  • Locksmith
  • Chain
  • The three-piece suit


How to Wear a Pocket Watch

  1. Once the mechanism hours has decreased in size, and so has arisen the opportunity and even the fashion of having a watch always get to itself as a functional accessory. If ladies preferred to use small fancy decorated these charges are of responsibility as a pendant on the neck then gentlemen have stopped their choice in the trusty little more than a huge model and we have created for them in the wardrobe of special things pockets.
  2. Despite the emergence of wristwatches and the transfer of time counting functions of mobile phones, the fashion for the pocket watch is preserved and in our days. It is now a guaranteed success attribute of the person who calls for the sophistication and gentleness of an image. This trend also comes from the past, as well as being able to watch only very wealthy staff, and exclusive models, made from noble metals and decorated with reliefs, monogram, and arms coats, were made to order only.
  3. The question of “How to wear pocket watches?” Can only have one answer: “In the pocket”. Usually, such pockets are manufactured in lengths before the vacation of the vest, which is part of the troika suit. Regulation wearing a suit with a vest allows not buttoning the buttons of the jacket, leaving free access to internal users and Fuso pockets. In this case, pocket hours are used on the left side of the forehand, if you are right-handed to the right, if you are left-handed, ie diagonal the dominant hand.
  4. Fuso pockets perform very small and narrow therefore there is the possibility of losing the watch, and the drawback of withdrawing. To solve these problems, you must acquire an hour-long, accurate chain of materials accuracy and design your watch. On one side chain is attached to the body the “chronometer” mechanism, the second side is attached to a button or laces the vest. By pulling the chain, you will easily reach the clock, and the very fact of your existence will not get you lost.
  5. Sometimes there is a need to wear a suit without a vest, which causes misunderstanding, the correct way to wear the watch in this case. Animals use the pocket watch in a pocket spindle, located inside a side pocket and occupy part of its volume. The chain can fix like these methods, and especially the key chain in the lackana lapel area and the edge of the board.
  6. In this context, a new accessory appears that is associated with the use of keychain hours. It can be functional, for chain consolidation, or decorative for decoration, or give solidity. In the past, as lord keychains used the symbols of the clubs they visited. Today, it can be the name of a woman, made of metal, the logo or the most important football team, for the garmoniroval keyring with the watch and it fit in general, the style of the suit.


How should pocket watches be worn?

Choose the one directly above your pocket or something in the middle – around the 3rd buttonhole of your vest. The watch goes in the pocket on the side opposite of your dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, place the pocket watch in your left pocket. This keeps your dominant hand free while you check the time.


Where do you clip a pocket watch? Watch this video