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How to Wear a Scarf in Summer

How to Wear a Scarf in Summer

How to Wear a Scarf in Summer – Whether you have a scarf or several to work with, tying a scarf in the hair can be a simple way to keep your hair away from your face while creating an elegant look. You can use scarves in your hair to fully cover the head, make a headband look, or add a little spice to a ponytail or bun. Once you know how to wear a scarf in the hair the style possibilities are endless.

How to Wear a Scarf in Summer



Traditional cover head

1. Place your square scarf on a smooth surface. Fold the square diagonally on a corner to form a triangle shape. Pick up the outer corners on each side where the fabric folds with a corner in each hand.

2. Place the scarf on the head with the folded edge of the scarf running along the hairline of your forehead or just behind your fringe, with the stitch or rest of the running back scarf over your head toward the back of your neck.

3. Draw your hands toward the back of your neck to sweep the ends held under your hair. Turn your head upside down and hold the scarf tight so it donâ € ™ t change. Attach the two ends held together in a square knot so that the scarf is secure.

4. Backflip and feel the scarf to make sure it will be secure and stay in place. If necessary, slip some hairpins on the folded edge of the scarf catch your hair in the pins to secure the scarf to your head and prevent it from moving.

Style Headband

5. Spread a rectangular scarf of the length on a smooth surface. Fold one of the big sides and then in the other one-third. If the scarf is still wide enough, fold it in half; Which should keep the edges tucked in.

6. grip each side of the scarf near the center with your hands about one foot out. Place the folded scarf on your head just behind your hair or bangs and sweep your hands behind and under your hair towards the back of your neck.

7. Hang your head upside down and attach the long tails of the scarf in a square knot, making sure to pull the tails tight. Hold right side and allow the tails to lag down your back under your hair or sit exposed if you have a shorter cut.

8. Change the look of the rollbar by tying the knot to one side just behind your ear if you want to make sure that the tails of the scarf shown. Fix with hairpins if necessary.

Tips and warnings

For a more sophisticated, casual business look, you can wear to work trying to coordinate the color of your scarf with that of other accessories you’re wearing such as your earrings, belt, shoes, or bracelets.
To dress a ponytail or bun simply attach a long scarf around the base of the ponytail or bun. You can choose to have the knot sitting on top of the ponytail for a more casual look, or position the knot below the ponytail or bun for a sophisticated casual look.