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How to Wear a Thick Headband

How to Wear a Thick Headband

How to Wear a Thick Headband – The headband, it is somewhat the fetish accessory of all fashionistas, since it allows immediately to appear more genteel. And with the long-awaited return of spring, it will be a pleasure to adorn your dream hair. This elastic headband is renewed every season and after a few years, it has clearly imposed itself as a timeless piece. It can be dotted with knots, flowers, beads, braided or colored … just see it succumb to its crazy charm.

How to Wear a Thick Headband

However, you have the headband syndrome that slips and abandoned the idea of wearing it. Don’t panic, there’s a solution to everything. It is true that it is not always easy to keep your jewelry in your hair for a whole day or an evening without it falling. For this you will find in this article some valuable hairstyling tips, to learn how to have a headband in his hair.

Quite often, it is the girls who have a fine and slippery texture, who fail to hold their headband, even by positioning it in different ways. We will bring you several solutions to help you maintain your accessory easily. Below are our most convincing, tested and approved tips.

-Pancake Your mane

You can use a fine-toothed tail comb to come and pancake your roots. This styling gesture is to reduce the exégération of the roots, to create volume, to give texture and thickness to the hair. Know that this does not in any way damage the hair. Remember this gesture because it is the basis to apply to almost all your hairstyles, it will serve you just as well to make a bun, a ponytail or a shell on the top of the head.

A tip: For a smooth effect after the pancake, use your brush. Simply smooth the surface with the latter to have a smooth finish without having to come undoing all the pancaking.

-Apply a dry shampoo

The dry shampoo is a new shampoo formula that comes in the form of a spray to the root. It should be applied as lacquer about 15 cm from the hair to reboost it. It will give a thicker texture to the fine manes, thus the props hold better on your head. This shampoo has more than one trick in its bag, since it can also help you out in the case of hair that regresses quickly, before leaving or work or before an appointment, it may well save you the bet. You can buy in the store, with prices ranging from 5 to 10 euros depending on the brands.

-Place it as a headband

The best way to adopt the headband, if you have the hair slipping, is to place it in his hairstyle in the way of a headband says classic. In fact, it will be kept well pressed at the ears, at the base of your neck. By placing it in this position you will be assured of having an optimum hold on your head. For some, it will have a better outfit on a loose mane, for other girls it is on the hair attached that it remains the best in place: to you to test the best option.

-Put flat pliers

For this technique, the master word is camouflage. You will use invisible or tone-toned accessories such as pliers and discrete strips. To attach the headband to its head, flat clips or click-Clacks are placed on the ears. Hide your bars, we don’t want to see them appear. Thus, you will no longer be afraid to wear the headband and move your head without it going up and out of the trunk.

Follow these tips, you should no longer be afraid to put a jewel in your head. Test these different tips today, you can even combine them according to the case in order to tame your rug, and you will see in a very short time this atypical accessory will no longer have any secrets for you.