How to Wear Chelsea Boots Womens

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How to Wear Chelsea Boots Women’s


All in Chelsea boots! They remind us of Jane Birkin but also a little Kate Moss … The Chelsea boots are these low boots with a purely British style that we have to wear this season. Rock, tomboy or even horse chic: Here are the tips to wear the boots of the moment.


Rock version

How to Wear Chelsea Boots Womens
Fan of the Beatles but not only, the Chelsea boots will come to finalize a rock allure. For the day, we opt for a denim that we roll up in order to let our socks appear. Used, crude or still colorful as at swiddens … all kinds of jeans are allowed as long as they are tapered. In the evening, we readapt our boots for a rock glitter version by betting on the trousers lamé. On the jacket side, the leather Perfecto never deceives a rock look, but for the restructure, we prefer the fur coat.


Tomboy version

How to Wear Chelsea Boots Womens
The Chelsea boots are mixed shoes, so they are easily adopted for a tomboy look. We play the map of the androgynéité by wearing them with a curved suit jacket and trousers 7/8. The ideal for winter is to choose a tweed suit and dark tint such as gray or brown. Underneath the jacket is a simple, rather colorful turtleneck. On the hairstyle, without necessarily making a short haircut to the boy, one chooses a loose hairstyle with a low ponytail or a blurred braid.


Chic Equestrian Version

How to Wear Chelsea Boots Womens
Usually associated with equestrian racing, the Chelsea boots actually inspire a horse-riding look. We wear them with spindle pants or corduroy pants that are associated with a lightweight long-sleeved shirt. On top of this, one chooses to wear a knitted cardigan at elbow; And if the weather calls for it, it adds a cloak or fur coat. To finalize this chic equestrian look, one obviously bets on the winter Capelie.

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