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How to Wear Saree in Different Style

How to Wear Saree in Different Style – Saree is most likely the most sensual Indian apparel, and we all know how to wear it the formal way. However, do you know how to look the utmost modern by including a few appealing twists to your saree draping style? Certain, there are a few alternative styles of dressing in the saree. So let’s get into the art of How to Wear a Saree.

How to Wear Saree in Different Style

Saree in Different Style

Here is a complete style guide for you on How to Drape a Saree:


1. Traditional Indian / Nivi Saree Style

How to Wear Saree in Different Style

Traditional Indian / Nivi Saree Style

‘Nivi’ is the labeled saree draping style of India, and most of us swear by it. Originated from Andhra Pradesh, this simple style has now been authorized by support across the nation. It is the versatility of the style, which makes it a common option. All you need is a new saree, a perfectly-fit shirt and complementing equipment to go ‘Nivi,’ and stun others.
Desire these are sufficient inspirations for you to drape a saree inTraditional style. Proceed to study on various styles of dressing in saree.


2. Bengali Saree Style

How to Wear Saree in Different Style

Bengali Saree Style

At all times enjoyed the Bengali’s draped in their labeled saree and mandatory to be told how to wear the Indian saree. This one is for you.
Be aware Vidya Balan’s authentic Bengali look in ‘Parineeta’? Although the way she draped the saree appears to be a tad bit challenging, it is truly quite easy. In the ordinary Bengali style, the saree is worn wrapping the pallu around the body style with two full pleats at the entrance. Cotton, handloom and brocade sarees go well with this excellent and based look.


3. Gujarati Saree Style

Gujarati Saree Style

Gujarati style has now turn out to be the most universal local saree-draping style in India, thank you to the every day soaps! It is typically similar to the Nivi style. However, the pallu phase is organized in an absolutely various demeanor. As a substitute for putting the pallu on the left shoulder, it is introduced in opposition to the entrance over the right shoulder. It is then both left hanging or tucked in at the lower back partly. A dependent saree with closely adorned pallu is what you need, to recreation this look.


4. Kerala Saree Style

Kerala Saree Style

A saree, when worn in the standard Kerala style or Mundu Neriyathum way, can make you look completely natural and advanced. The traditional apparel contains 2 sections i.e. ‘Neriyathum’ ( the upper one draped over the shirt) and ‘Mundu’ (the personalize one draped round the body and tucked at the back of) You can go for a stylish white saree with a broad zari or golden border and are trying out this style.


5. Maharashtrian Saree Style

Maharashtrian Saree Style

Ever questioned how Maharashtrian girls control to drape that 9-yard long definite( it is not the regular 6) material in such a neat, compact and super dependent way? To add to your shock, the entire saree is tucked in on itself, and you can wear it easily with your favorite pair of shorts or Capri reasonably than a petticoat. And don’t neglect the signature nostril ring, those colorful bangles, and brand new jasmine flowers.


6. Lehenga Saree Style

Lehenga Saree Style

Perplexed what to select for your bestie’s D-day birthday celebration? Drape your favorite saree in Lehenga style and get able to be the head-turner at the event. Though pre-stitched lehenga sarees are simply out there in the market now, you can do it yourself too. Just make varied pleats with the pallu and tuck them round the waist. Oh, did we tell you that it fits curvy support the best?


7. Butterfly Saree Style

Butterfly Saree Style

This is the latest style of dressing in saree. Styling like our Bollywood divas turns into really easy once you grasp the butterfly saree draping methodology. It is in no way, however, a candy and attractive twist to the primary Nivi style in which the pallu is pleated extremely thin for a mysterious navel-show. This style is thought of as the most trendy option for a birthday celebration, and you can avail a pre-pleated as well as pre-stitched saree for this goal. Different types of, easily drape a light-weight saree in the butterfly way and body of workers it up with a remark blouse.


8. Mumtaz Saree Style

Mumtaz Saree Style

Mumtaz, the 80s’ nail filing heroine, draped her saree this way in the superhit track ‘Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar ki charche’ and because then, it has to turn out to be a wonderful style itself. You can get this sensuous unfashionable look by wrapping the saree assorted times round the personalized part of your body tightly. A unique thing about this saree-draping style is that it flaunts the determine the most flattering way.


9. Rajrani Saree Style

Rajrani Saree Style

The recall to the mind of the style itself displays a royal elegance, isn’t it? Well, Rajrani is the classiest variation of the Gujarati style saree-draping, and you can are attempting it on a few of the greatest events. Start with dressing in the saree the regular Gujarati way with entrance pleated pallu and then create a ‘V’-shape with it. Wealthy and incredibly decorated silk or net sarees are perfect for this style.


10. Mermaid Saree Style

Mermaid Saree Style

No recommended whether or not the mermaid memories are true or not; you can create a mermaid look by draping your saree the right way. If you have a curvaceous determine, you are completely going to rock it. However don’t be anxious as this style is going well with just about all types of body. Mermaid style comes to draping the saree with no pleats at the waist. Additionally, it provides a flared skirt-like look at the personalize end, which makes one look slimmer and sexier. So, go for an attractive saree with bedecked border and pallu. – How to Wear Saree in Different Style.

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