Kim Soo Hyun Movies and TV shows

Artistic name: Kim Soo-Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun Movies and TV shows

Actor’s career: He began in 2007 as an adjunct to the comedy Kimchi Cheese Smile. Soon afterward still as a supporting actor tied at Peabody Awardee Jungle Fish and then Father’s House.

Between 2009 and 2010 the actor acted as a newer version of the main in Will it Snow For Christmas? And in Giant. So-Hyun also participated in a short-term “Worst friends” in 2009 who ended up winning the award for Best Drama Film. Kim Soo Hyun also debuts as MC in the show of varieties “Sonyeon Sonyeo Gato Baekseo.”

Singer’s career: Our Oppa was in the cast of Dream High in 2011 and was the only one in the cast without any experience with the world of K-pop. So Kim had to be training at JYP Entertainment for three months to get her role as Sam Dong Song. He must endure singing and dance lessons for hours every day; so with this harsh experience, he ended up recording two tracks for the K-drama “Dreaming” (Solo) and “Dream High” (along with the cast).

Ascension to fame (2012-present): But Kim Soo-Hyun only became popular after the drama “Moon Embracing the Sun” which was number 1 in ratings. And of course, after his discovery as a singer, he made a ballad entitled “Only You” who led the digital music stops from South Korea. But later he won the award for Best Actor in Drama but was a very debated victory because he was the younger actor among the competitors.

So-Hyun made her film debut with the film “The Thieves,” her character was Jampano the newest gangster in a gang of Chinese and Korean thieves. And so Kim so Hyun began to make more films and dramas and became a very well-known actor in the world of Dorameiros.

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