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How Long does it take for Sunburn to Go Away

How Long does it take for Sunburn to Go Away

How Long does it take for Sunburn to Go Away – Throw the first stone who never exaggerated in the time of exposure to the sun and got that tan “chili”, to burn the whole body! Since a lot of people take only a few days off during the holiday season, it’s common for them to take a year-round delay in a short time, and spend all day stretched out under the sun’s rays, not yet protected as should. The risks that this practice can bring to health and skin are numerous, starting with unwanted redness, sunstroke and, in the long term, skin cancer.

According to dermatologist Miriam Sabino, the burn only becomes apparent two to six hours after its occurrence. ” Sunburn goes through several stages, from redness to blistering, scaling and flaking. The itching and tenderness of the site can persist for several weeks, “he says.

The doctor’s recommendation to avoid these troubles is for the patient to avoid sunbathing between 10 am and 4 pm and apply sunscreen every two hours. “In the summer, people who are most exposed to the sun are vulnerable to the effects of the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures not only to avoid burns but also skin cancer, “says the dermatologist.

How Long does it take for Sunburn to Go Away


I burned too much and now?

If you did not follow the advice of Dr. Miriam, you took a burn of those and now you do not know what to do to ease the redness and the ardor, the dermatologist gives some precious tips. Check out!


– Bath time

Care must be taken not to aggravate the situation. “As the skin is hot and red due to excessive exposure to the sun it is best to avoid hot water and the use of a sponge and any exfoliating in the affected region,” he points out. The soap should serve as a moisturizer to not irritate the skin and make it drier. Enjoy and apply a bath oil to bring back the feeling of freshness.


– Cold

compresses Apply cold compresses on the warm skin in order to cool or use towels moistened in cool water. This habit decreases the heat and the sensation of heat.


– Moisturize the skin without fear

Do not forget to pass moisturizers on the affected area. An alternative to relieving pain is to put the cream in the refrigerator for a few minutes before making the application.


– Drink plenty of fluids

Take plenty of cold water, natural juices, and coconut water. These beverages combat dehydration caused by exposure to the sun.