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Looking for Effective Hair Care Tips

Looking for Effective Hair Care Tips

Looking for Effective Hair Care Tips – A recent research shows that men and women are equally concerned about their looks than ever before. They are particularly worried about the look of their hair because managing the hair takes a lot of effort these days when pollution and chemicals are causing continuous hair problems.

Looking for Effective Hair Care Tips

Beautiful hair

I am sure that you will agree that prevention is better than repairing damage and this is very true for hair as well. Hair care comes under one of the most important personal care categories. We all have different types, textures and tones of hair. However there are some common rules which we all should follow for getting beautiful looking hair.

People spend a lot of money to keep their hair look healthy. But remember in case of hair follow the theory “the less the better”. The more you apply chemicals and synthetic products on your hair the more your hair becomes prone to damage. If you use too much styling products or apply coloring, straightening or waving quite often it will surely result in hair fall and dull, damaged hair.

It does not matter what hair style you posses. Whether you have short hair or long hair or medium hair maintenance is very important. Your hair can be limp or fine, coarse or soft, dry or oily, thick or thin. But there is a way for keeping it healthy.

Hair problems are often related to basic hair care mistakes. No matter what kind of hair you have you can always improve it. We often apply various hair care products but we forget that improvements actually start from inside.

The first thing you should do is follow a healthy diet. You should include food items rich in vitamin, protein and mineral in your regular diet. Dairy products like milk, cheese, egg, fruits like blue berries, apricots, vegetables like carrots, spinach are quite essential. Also drink 3 to 4 liter water per day.

Here are a few hair care tips that can help you to get beautiful hair.

  1. Comb your hair gently as rigorous combing is sure to result in hair fall. Never comb wet hair. First dry your hair with a towel, apply some hair serum and then comb. Also do not comb your hair in the opposite direction.
  2. Consider your hair texture, nature, style and then choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Try to use shampoo that includes polymers and wheat protein.
  3. If you can’t afford salon hot oil treatment here is an alternative. Apply coconut milk onto your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight and shampoo the next morning.
  4. You can apply this very effective home made conditioner. Mix one cup olive oil, half lemon and one egg. Apply onto scalp and hair and rinse with water.
  5. If you suffer from dandruff you can apply anti-dandruff shampoo but it damages the softness of your hair. Instead make a mixture of two teaspoon of vinegar and six tablespoon of water. Apply it on the scalp. Leave it overnight with a towel around your head and rinse in the morning.
  6. Avoid blow drying your hair. Let it air-dry to avoid any kind of damage.
  7. If you swim then always shampoo after swimming.
  8. Trim your hair every 3-4 weeks if you have short hair and trim every 6-8 weeks if you have long hair.

Follow these hair care tips and get healthy and shinny hair. With beautiful hair you can go for any of the latest hairstyles. – victoria lynn

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