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How to Make Your Nose Smaller without Makeup or Plastic Surgery

How to Make Your Nose Smaller without Makeup

How to Make Your Nose Smaller without Makeup –┬áIf you are not satisfied with the shape of the nose and want to know how to make your nose smaller naturally, without surgery or makeup than you are in the right place. Check out these nose exercises below, which will help keep your nose in shape!

Our nose comes in all sizes and shapes. They are unique in their own way. But if you want to try and highlight the beauty of your nose, there are several ways to help you reach that goal. If you feel strange about the size of your nose or want to try a fresh look, you can make it look smaller.

There are essentially 5 things you can do to reduce your nose size. You can do facial exercises to decrease your nose size over time, use makeup to highlight and bypass the nose shape use home remedies such as ginger or ice, use nose spots or take drastic measures to resize of the nose permanently with surgery.

It is conceived that the sharp nose symbolizes beauty. In addition, it conforms to any aspect of makeup. The nose reshapes practices definitely improve shape. So ladies, if you are interested in how to get a smaller, sharper or pointed nose, here are the best exercises you can also apply.

How to Make Your Nose Smaller without Makeup

How to Make Your Nose Smaller without Makeup


How to Make Your Nose Smaller Naturally

The first methods will make your nose look smaller without makeup and surgery using the nose modeling exercises


1. Smoothing the nose:

Nose smoothing can be your best natural remedy on how to get a smaller nose. A simple smile is a great help to straighten your nose. What you need to do is smile, so use your fingers to push your nose up. This will help you build physics on the sides of the nose. For best results, do the exercise twenty to thirty times a day.


2. Nose massage:

This type of exercise offers many benefits. The nose massage can treat any type of headaches, as well as shaping and be narrowing the nose. Simply massage each part of the nose – from the bridge and from the tip to the sides. Your fingers should move in a round movement. Massage your nose about 5 times a day. Doing it regularly can help you get better results in no time.


3. Remove the smile line:

As you get older, the smile lines tend to look bad and deepen. This exercise removes these irritating fine lines. All you have to do is fill your mouth with air. Change the air in any direction while holding down for about 5 seconds in each zone. Release the air as each area is moved. Do this simple exercise only once a day.


4. Breathing:

Exercises and yoga offer breathing exercises of greater importance. Deep breathing and inhaling have numerous benefits. The nose formation is between them. How to get a smaller nose with your breath?

Sit comfortably, block one of your nostrils, inhale through the other nostril and hold for about 4 seconds. Then, block your other nostril and exhale as you release the nostril, you first blocked it. Repeat this exercise by blocking the other nostril. You can do 3 sets with ten repetitions each.


How to Have a Lesser Nose Using Natural Remedies

In addition to nose exercises and another approach to reducing the nose, naturally involves the use of natural home remedies. Here we mention the 2 popular ones.

1. Ginger:

Ginger powder is a popular Middle Eastern remedy to make the nose look smaller. Use the ginger and water to make a paste and apply it on the part of the nose that you want to reduce and let it stay for 15 minutes before washing it. This mixture can cause a burning sensation, so wash it if you can not take it

2. Ice:

Wrap ice cubes with a clean cloth and put them on the nose for 10 minutes a day. The cold will make your nose appear less swollen


Is it possible to change the shape of the nose without plastic surgery?

It is possible to change the shape of the nose without plastic surgery, only through the use of a nose shaper or a procedure called bioplasty.

These two alternatives can be used to sharpen the nose, lift the tip or correct the nose of the nose more prominent and are much more economical than conventional plastic surgery, and do not cause pain and need special care, giving the expected result.

These techniques are great for use by youngsters and adolescents who are not yet old enough to perform the surgical procedure and have surprising results.

The two procedures to improve the contour of the nose without surgery are:


Nose shaper

How to Make Your Nose Smaller without Makeup

The nose modeler is a kind of ‘plaster’ that should be placed daily so that the nose takes the desired shape, and can be used to:

  • Narrow your nose;
  • Reduce length;
  • Remove the curve at the top of the nose;
  • Correct the tip;
  • Decrease nostrils;
  • Correct septum deviation.

The nose modeler should be worn for 20 minutes a day and the results can be seen after 2 to 4 months of use. The price of this equipment costs around 100 reais and can be purchased over the internet.


Nose bioplasty

How to Make Your Nose Smaller without Makeup

Nose bioplasty is a technique that corrects small flaws, such as the curve at the top of the nose, through the use of substances such as polymethyl methacrylate and hyaluronic acid, which are applied with a needle in the deeper layers of the skin to fill and correct nose flaws.

The result of this technique may be temporary or definitive, depending on the substance used in the filling, and during the procedure, only local anesthesia is used. In addition, the patient can resume normal activities soon after the procedure, as the nose is only slightly swollen for about 2 days.
The application is made in the doctor’s office and costs between 300 and 3,000 reais, depending on the product used.

Another possibility is through makeup, which is capable of producing a smaller or thinner nose effect. However, this technique cannot always be used when you are at the beach or pool, for example.