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How to Make Someone Unblock You?

How to Make Someone Unblock You

How to Make Someone Unblock You – Not always easy to find a good excuse when you hurt the other. We often try to justify ourselves and minimize our involvement. Serious mistake! To be forgiven, one must first prepare his excuses. Then, be sincere and accept his responsibilities. Thanks to this article, you will know everything about the art of apologizing!
You canceled at the last moment your appointment with your best friend. And that, she did not appreciate at all.

Especially when she knew it was for a drink with a guy you barely know. Fortunately, with our advice, she will not be long in forgiving you!

How to Make Someone Unblock You

How to Make Someone Unblock You?


Prepare your excuses for forgiveness


Write an apology

To apologize, you have to do an examination of conscience. “Why did I do that? How to forgive me? What does the person feel that I have offended? How to appease it? ”

We put our ideas in order, we write our questions on a sheet and we answer them. Then write a letter of apology to the first person.

We choose the right words, we take it until it is perfect. We do not hesitate to call on a friend to get an outside opinion.

When the time comes, if we are afraid of being overwhelmed by emotion, we keep the letter very carefully in our near.


Choose the right moment to apologize

Spontaneity may be preferred and the conflict may be resolved quickly. But that supposes that the other is ready to listen to us.

It is better than to take your time and wait for the tension to fall. Thus, both parties have time to rationalize the situation.

Of course, we avoid letting go for several days. The other person may think that we are angry or that we have no intention of apologizing.


Prepare for rejection

To avoid suffering too much, one must also prepare for a possible rejection. The person in front of us may not be ready to listen to us.

We do not overbid and we are waiting for a more favorable time to reiterate our excuses. Patience, patience, time often makes things right. – How to Make Someone Unblock You


The best excuse: being sincere to the other


Apologize in person

S ‘ excuse-mail, telephone, text message? A bad idea. Nothing better than apologizing in person. We take a risk, we put ourselves in danger, we show how close this relationship is to us.

In addition, much of our communication is nonverbal. Our friend will be more aware of our sincerity.


Stop always wanting to be right

We do not apologize for the trial of the other. So from the beginning, we admit its responsibility and especially we do not use the term “but”. We remain simple, brief and clear.

We are not trying to justify ourselves but to establish a healthy dialogue. We express our regrets and we promise to adopt a different behavior in the future.


Be sincere and have empathy

Of course, all these tips are useless if you are not sincere and only apologize for the form.

The most hurt person is our friend, not us. So we avoid spilling on his shame, his guilt, his sadness.

We recognize that we hurt the other and especially we listen. We do not interrupt it and we accept criticism if there is any.

No need either to lower oneself and to accept everything without flinching. The goal is to reconcile and not to create another dispute. – How to Make Someone Unblock You