How much Bigger is the Sun than the Earth

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How much Bigger is the Sun than the Earth – The Sun is the central star of the solar system. All other bodies of the solar system, such as planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, and dust, as well as all satellites associated with these bodies, revolve around them. The Sun is responsible for 99.86% of the mass of the Solar System. Its mass is 333,000 times greater than that of Earth. Its average radius is 696,000 km, about 109 times the radius of the Earth. The volume of the Sun is 1,304,000 times greater than that of our planet.

How much Bigger is the Sun than the Earth
How much Bigger is the Sun than the Earth


How to measure the sizes of the sun, earth, and moon

To measure the sizes of these stars it is necessary to know that the moon is 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun and that the Sun is 400 times larger than the moon in diameter. Understood?

Therefore, the Sun is greater than the moon and is farther from the Earth. And the moon is smaller than the Sun, but it is closer to the Earth. So we have the feeling that the two are the same size. But, the size difference between them is huge!

The first calculations were made by Hipparchus in the year 200 BC. He calculated the distance and size of the moon during an eclipse. Through geometric knowledge, he measured the duration of the threshold step.

Already the distance between Earth and Sun and between Earth and the moon was calculated 100 years before, by Aristarchus of Samus in 300 BC. The methodology was as follows: “He simultaneously observed the moon in the fourth quarter and at sunset. When the sun was on the horizon, Aristarchus measured the angular separation between the moon and the sun, which represents one of the angles of the right triangle Earth -Lu-Sun, whose vertex of the 90º angle is the moon. The measured angle was around 87 ° “, explains the General Coordination of Space and Atmospheric Sciences of the National Institute of Space Research, through the Division of Astrophysics.

In practice, this means that the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 7,300,000 km and that of the Earth in relation to the moon is only 389,000 km. That is, the sun reaches 19 times as far as the moon in relation to the Earth and because of its size, it can illuminate the entire solar system, including the moon.

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