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My Car Cranks but Won’t Start

My Car Cranks but Wont Start

My Car Cranks but Won’t Start?

My Car Cranks but Won't Start

Electrical system failure

You may know it but a car needs electricity to run and more specifically to get started. Without electric current, the starter, ignition coil, and spark plugs may not start.

The first thing to check is the level of battery charging. The latter can be completely emptied or benefit from too little load to make the car start. The solution will be to recharge the battery with pliers thanks to another vehicle ( a temporary situation) or to change the battery of its self.

The battery connectors may also be involved if for example they are poorly fixed or oxidized due to time. Electrical wiring must also be checked.


Fuel-related failure

The second major cause of failure is, of course, the lack of fuel. So you have to check your gasoline or diesel fuel to make sure the outage doesn’t just come from here.

Note also that the problem may come from the quality of the fuel (additive added, for example, the presence of water or bad fuel used on your car model). Regular maintenance of the fuel tank is paramount to avoid this kind of worries.

Your car may not start as well because of the auto parts that supply the engine with fuel. One example is the gas pump or the inlet hose. If the problem comes from these auto parts, it will be necessary to replace them.


Mechanics failure

The latest problems are related to mechanics and are more serious than the two previous types of causes.

For example, starter candles may be loose, tight or dirty. If the latter is old enough, it is also common for the engine to start. If you can replace them (or have them replaced) with new candles.


Use a product for difficult starting

Specialized stores (online or in the traditional trade) offer maintenance products that allow you to refurbish (or at least give it a youthful boost) to your engine. They are specialized to improve difficult starts.

These products are to be used before your car starts at all!

Your car still doesn’t start? Ask for a free quotation on this website
Before, it was necessary to call a convenience store to have his car restarted. Today, with the solution of connection between mechanics and motorists, it is finally possible to contact an experienced and professional mechanic to help you diagnose the problem of startup. Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation, you will receive an instant answer. Finally, you can make an appointment directly online if it suits you.