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How often should You Exfoliate Your Face

How often should You Exfoliate Your Face

How often should You Exfoliate Your Face – As much as you wash your face several times, you get the feeling that it is not well cleaned? When this happens, the only solution seems to be to exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliating is any substance or material that can cause abrasion, corrosion or peeling of a surface on which it comes into contact. Example: Microdermabrasion equipment used in aesthetic medicine causes exfoliation of the superficial layers (or part of them) of the skin . Applying a corrosive acid to a metal surface can cause exfoliation. source:

Dermatologist Dr. Marcella Delcourt, from Melo Delcourt Clinic of Dermatology, from São Paulo, gives some important tips so you do not go wrong when it comes to exfoliation. According to her, each skin type has a routine to be followed.

How often should You Exfoliate Your Face



Those who have dry or mixed skin should exfoliate only once a week, right after the face is cleaned. Already people who have acne or oily skin can do exfoliation up to twice a week, also after hygiene, for the removal of dead cells and greater penetration of the active of the creams that should be applied sequentially.

It is important that the interval indicated by the doctor is followed since the exfoliation done in excess can cause rebound effect, that is, instead of tune the skin and close the pores, activates the sebaceous glands and the skin end up getting more oily and with the pores more open.

There are many formulas that use homemade products such as sugar and honey or oats and honey, but the dermatologist claims that opting for products like these is not a good idea. “They can attack the skin. The particles can be irregular and hurt, mainly, the thin and delicate skin of the face. ”

It indicates that the person prefers chemical exfoliators, such as abrasive or physical lotions, such as polyethylene microspheres which have the purpose of removing dead cells and clearing the pores.