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Is Pomade Good for Hair? Advantage and Disadvantage

is pomade good for hair

Is pomade good for hair? Pomade is styling product used for hair. Pomade is one of the rising popularity of hair oil returns especially among young children. This pomade, hair oil, in fact, is a result of production from the USA. Pomade is made of coconut oil, lanolin, wax, and perfume or fragrance.
is pomade good for hair
Pomade can make the hair into a neat look, fresh and shiny. The results of the oil in his hair do not really dilute it as cooking oil. The form of solidly shaped hardware pomade is almost the same as wax. Pomade start was introduced and promoted in the early 1990s.

Although the price is high enough, pomade but you still can’t use it in vain. The following will describe how the benefits of pomade, in addition, to using it as a styling product for hair.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of pomade:


The Benefits Of Using Pomade

1. Make the hair look fresh

Look neat is the yearning of everyone. Let alone with an elegant hairstyle and look wet. Who would not want to look cool? Hair pomade can make you look slick and wet-looking natural. just try it!

2. Maintaining the position of the hair

Using pomade hair you can last a day, same stats helper monkeys in the activity you are using helmets or hats. Only combed back, the hair you can come back again. You need to know. Pomade can be potent for up to 3 days if not rinsed. Amazing!

3. Make it easy to create a hairstyle (Hair Styling)

Pomade makes it easy to style your hair. Because the primary purpose of pomade is making the hairstyle that you desire. With pomade, hairstyles you can try and unruly hair you can easily organize them according to the style of haircut you want. are you interested to try it?

Does pomade help hair growth?

Many pomades, it’s used to soften the beeswax and to make your hair feel full and healthy. It also moisturizes your scalp, promotes hair growth and thickness, and helps fight dandruff. It even helps protect your hair from harsh UV rays.


The Disadvantages Of Wearing Pomade

However, from some of the above benefits, pomade also has flaws in its use. Pomade can be detrimental if the effect conferring the use of pomade is excessive. This Result:

1. The demise of the black color on hair

When used in excess Pomade, hair color will change to red and dry. I recommend after using pomade, you use a hair conditioner.

2. Cause any loss of the hair

In fact, using pomade makes hair will not be a loss. That makes the hair into a loss it is the materials of manufacture of pomade. If you have an allergy to some particular material, it could because hair to fall out when you wear the pomade.

Also, the cause of the hair falls you might as well because it uses other things in the hair, as the hair coloring and put pomade. Anything else that may occur is the loss and triggers you too much in the combing of the hair. Possible when you continue to wear the pomade – Canal or often inserts a hair, to make it a loss. However, by washing your hair properly and always clean, this problem will be resolved.

3. Make the head dizzy

Causes of dizziness, head due to the strong effect of pressure given the pomade using pomade let alone hold it will feel dizzy when wear is excessive. However, the biggest possible that pisses you dizzy while wearing pomade is sweet. Because the fragrance or fragrance used in pomade indeed aims to let you like on whose. Though not considered harmful or toxic, the fragrance of fragrance can cause headaches.

In fact, a fragrance can use 3000 ingredients, most of which are synthetic, allegedly about 900 of them are poisonous! Some of them cause headaches.

4. The appearance of dandruff

Dandruff can appear due to the incorrect usage of pomade. That makes dandruff when use pomade is when pomade affects the scalp, pomade chemicals left on the head can cause dandruff. Because some types of pomade contain oil or mineral oil overlay and could obstruct the pores. This is what can cause dandruff in your hair of you. How to overcome this is to quit for a moment, don’t use pomade while, but fix used to be dandruff problems you encounter.

5. The emergence of pimples

Acne is caused by this, or pomade called pomade acne is acne caused does not match skin you pomade made oil and petrolatum. Pomade acne appears on the scalp, forehead, and the area of the skin most often comes into contact with the hair pomade. Pomade acne is usually caused by blackheads and whiteheads acne combined. Blackheads Acne is a small yellowish or blackish, while the whiteheads are acne that cannot contact with oxygen and is sometimes painful. This condition is believed to be caused by some types of pomade containing oil or mineral oil overlay and could obstruct the pores. When body temperature was ascending, automatic start slowly the violence of the faded hair oil, especially if sweating, can clog and obstruct the pores. Because of clogged pores that occur as a result of the use of pomade.

If you do not want to stop wearing the pomade, choose a pomade made of water. Water-based pomade that has far less likely to cause these problems, because that causes acne is usually a type of pomade containing oil or mineral oil.


Is it bad to use pomade every day?

Try to only use pomade as you need it, though. Although it may be helpful to your hair to keep it tame, they are often thick and oily, and if you aren’t washing your hair that frequently, the use of pomade on your hair near the scalp can cause obstructed hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. that’s not good for your health of hair.