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How to Remove White Spots on Toenails after Removing Polish

How to Remove White Spots on Toenails after Removing Polish

White Spots on Toenails after Removing Polish – Is the lack of time to renew the look or the good length enamel, many women end up with the same product on the tip of the fingers for a period longer than indicated, causing dryness and those undesirable white specks on the nails. If you suffer from the problem, of course, ever wondered how to get rid of this disagreeable marked effect, so we took special tips with manicures who understand the subject to help you. Check out!

How to Remove White Spots on Toenails after Removing Polish


How to Remove White Spots on Toenails after Removing Polish


Enamel has to be removed every five days

Of course, all busy esmalteman√≠aca loves when the hard enamel and peels ahead of time, but according to experts, the ideal is to remove the product every five days – even if it is still perfect – and take a break of two days until next enameling. Although there is controversy on the subject, since many consider myth to rest the dead tissue, Manicures Andreza Moreira and Tina Bernardo agree with dermatologists and indicate this caution: “It is very important that the enamel is removed two days before so that the nail can breathe before a new application of the product,” indicates Andreza Moreira. And remember that the care is not restricted to fingernails: although the feet are not made with the same frequency, the rule is the same to prevent drying and the appearance of white patches on the surface.


Dark colors are not the cause of the problem

In addition to causing a yellowish appearance on the nails, some still believe that the dark glazes are largely responsible for the appearance of these white specks. But, according to the two manicures, the story is only a myth: “The dark enamel contains the same formula of light, so they have no property to facilitate the appearance of spots This is a myth, so there are people. only paint your nails with clear nail polish and still stay with the little spots, “explains Tina Bernardo.

But regardless of the chosen color, one must always be careful to pass before any base enamel for the nails is protected dyes present in the glazes, which can cause dryness and the dreaded white specks on the nails.


Sanding then to the surface of the nail eliminates the white specks

If you did not know about the need to take the enamel nail every five days – and much less about the need to leave them without breathing product before the trip to the salon – the white spots may have already appeared on the tip of your fingers. If so, the tip of the two manicures to get rid of the problem is to let the nails to the natural, enamel-free, until the marks disappear. “There is no specific treatment to remove these stains, but get a time without enamel is the main tip for the nails to breathe and thus they disappear,” says Andreza. Tina Bernard shares the same opinion and recommends that the nail surface is sanded to smooth the appearance: “One needs to be a while without using enamel for the spots can go out during this period, I recommend only sanitize the nails and sanding. lightly its surface to help disguise the spotting “he says. But about this, be warned: this action can cause the weakening of the nails and facilitate the breakdown and the appearance of chips.


Hydration is also important during the pause period

Many people are concerned about the hydration of the skin and hair and completely forgets to take the same care with your fingertips – and this is precisely one of the reasons for the appearance of spots and dryness. According to experts, the excessive use of acetone during constant enameling just drying out the keratin of the nail, which causes the dreaded white spots. Therefore, the pause period is so important for her to get back its natural moisture and restore the beautiful aspect again. In addition, we also take advantage of the rest period to redouble nail care with specific hydrants to strengthen and nourish the region: “Use moisturizers to nail every day is also a good tip to prevent white specks appear when the enamel again be used, “says Tina Bernardo manicure.