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Repair a Broken Headlight

Repair a Broken Headlight

Repair a broken headlight

Repair a Broken Headlight


  • Transparent epoxy adhesive or epoxy resin
  • Tape
  • A cutter






If the headlight has a splinter that crosses all the thickness

Dismantle the lighthouse.
Mask the hole by placing a piece of Scotch on it (outside of the headlight).
Place the glue inside the headlight. Smooth and let dry.
Cut off any excess glue with the cutter.


If the headlight has just a little shine on the surface

If the headlight has only a small splinter that does not pass through the thickness of the plastic, then it is necessary to put glue or epoxy resin transparent in order to solidify it and to ensure that it does not crack.
To do this, place the glue on the surface and spread it with a spatula or a metal bar. Allow the time indicated by the glue manufacturer to dry and remove the scraper using a cutter.


If the headlight is cracked or broken

We have to change it. Indeed, if it is cracked, it will be very complicated to make it waterproof. In addition, the different parts of the lighthouse are likely to play, that is to say to move one in relation to the other.