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How to Sell on Poshmark, It’s Easily

How to Sell on Poshmark

How to Sell on Poshmark – In a bad economy shopaholics do not disappear into the abyss and abandon their cabinets, but resort to new and innovative methods to satisfy their desire to wheel and deal. Some will buy less, others will buy used, and then many will sell the things that they already have, but they are not used. With the Macklemore song “Thrift Shop” on the charts, now is the time to take advantage of your used clothes. Even in difficult times people still have $ 20 in their pocket to go pop some labels. Shopping can often provide a sense of optimism and euphoria, which is very necessary during a widespread economic downturn. Ironically, purging one’s wardrobe of designer garments can often offer the same cathartic effect as accumulating them.

How to Sell on Poshmark

How to Sell on Poshmark


How to get rid of your unwanted clothes

There are many ways that individuals can get rid of clutter. Options include the sale at E-Bay, garage sales, shipping stores, and donation. All of which can be rewarding. However, they have some disadvantages. E-Bay requires establishing an infrastructure, which can possibly cost the seller money if the item is not sold, and the advertisement itself is only temporary. Garage sales require a lot of preparation and monetary rewards are often bleak at best. Shipping stores are fine, but they will only take in certain items, and often do not produce a high rollover percentage. Finally, a donation is an excellent option, but chronic shopaholic can have a difficult time separating them with all their accumulated jewels without some kind of tangible reward. So these people can sit on a couple of stuffed trash bags with labels, not motivated enough to leave their unused goods because it hurts me to think about the amount of money they spent on accumulating their treasures. For all those who have experienced the problems previously, there is a new alternative. Its an application for the phone called Poshmark.


How does it work

Poshmark allows you to take pictures of items in your closet, new or used, and sell them on your website. Everything is done remotely through your cell phone and automatically uploads it to the network. Adding a piece often takes 30 seconds or less (if you have a strong Internet connection), is free, and lasts indefinitely until the item is sold. Just upload a photo, add a description and the price you ask for, and then everyone’s fashion is going to start sending you offers for your merchandise.

The sale process is simple. Once someone is interested in one of your similar clicked items. Then the negotiation process begins. The buyer checks out when it is ready. Once the transaction has been completed the seller gives Poshmark 20% of its income and the buyer pays a nominal shipping fee. Poshmark sends the seller a postage-paid label for packages of less than one kilo. And the payment is released to the seller once the buyer receives and approves of the goods.


Why is it so addictive

Poshmark has all the addictive qualities of successful social media sites and combines them with the thrill of shopping. Or should I say sell? Like Pinterest, you share a wall of images with your followers. Like Facebook, your comment and like articles in other cabinets. Like Instagram, you choose which filter makes your photos look better. And finally, like MySpace, make attractive photos of the headless body of your equipment.

The pleasant feeling of using the application is simple. It feels good, not just purging, but creating and building. As when shopping, we begin to see the potential. When we bring a house item, we buy into a lifestyle. We fantasize about the pleasure that this new article will bring us and what it will do for us to improve in some way, shape or form in the future. Similarly, cleaning a closet creates a similar effect. It is a feeling of new beginnings and unlimited potential. Although the bonus spending box is fantastic, the emotional reward is even greater. The sale of an item, helps us get rid of the past, wipe the old wounds and memories faded, and usher in a new era with a fresh and clean start.

While making money is undoubtedly a great and motivating benefit, that is not necessarily addiction. Sure it’s like coupons and it feels good to get some money spent on the back, but Poshmark is more than that. It is the dream of an entrepreneur. It allows you to create and manage a business without investment. You water your closet as if you would with a plant. Checking the back and nurturing it carefully becomes a routine. Interacting with acquaintances in a pleasant but artificial way is your duty. And then his Christmas morning as or the first sip of his Starbucks when he finally sees a red notification appear pointing to a possible sale. Because you are notified of interested buyers on your smartphone you are constantly connected and experience the high of making money anywhere, at any time and with little effort. As you watch your audience grow virally, you begin to desire more and more of an online presence for your wardrobe. You can simultaneously see the bank account increase and your fluffy lockers begin to empty.


Start selling

If you have any questions about how Poshmark works please feel free to leave a comment below. As an alternative, leave a link to your closet to display your articles and gain new followers. Happy Posh-ing!