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Six Tips For Not Falling On Holiday On Black Friday

Black Friday Rules You Must Follow

This year’s Black Friday is looking for good results from both sides of the counter: while customers expect the date to buy discount products that can reach 80% of the original value, shoppers expect to use the most attractive prices as attractive to minimize the difficult scenario of Retail.

About 80% of online consumers intend to buy on the date this year occurs on November 27, according to a survey released by E-bit / Buscapé. The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) estimates that the 2015 edition of Black Friday should have sales of R $ 1.31 billion, up 18% over last year.

Black Friday Rules You Must Follow

The traditional US practice of offering rebates on a Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday was incorporated by Brazilian trade a few years ago, and increasingly competitive. Some stores plan their stocks to start discounted sales earlier this month. Other sites promise lower prices for a week. Check out some tips to take advantage of prices without going on holiday:


1 – Search for prices before the date and on several websites

To find out if an item is even discounted, search the prices on the online stores before Black Friday, or the period in which discounts will be offered. So you can have a real price comparison base. Fraudulent stores can advertise discounted items without changing the value of the products. Also, remember to calculate the delivery freight to know if the purchase will go even cheaper.


2 – Have an idea of what you want to buy

In order not to become a trap, Black Friday should be availed as an opportunity to acquire that product you have been watching for some time, and now you will find it for a lower price. Of course, you may come across items that are extremely attractive and worth buying. Just make sure that they are within your budget.


3 – Consumer rights are also worth on Black Friday

The Consumer Protection Code is applicable to purchases made through the Internet, and mandatory when the customer and the supplier are established in Brazil. If the product delivered is not what you promised, you can request the exchange or replacement of the item. The customer may also regret the purchase. In these cases, the consumer has up to seven days from the receipt of the merchandise to request the return of the amount paid and to return the product.


4 – Read the site and talk to the company

Many doubts can be clarified with a careful reading of the site. In it may be listed information such as the policy of exchange and return of products, delivery times, forms of payment, among others. You can also contact the store in advance to ask questions prior to purchase. It may be that because of the large volume of consumers seeking Black Friday service you have to wait a bit for a response, but the company has an obligation to answer any questions and provide service anyway.


5 – Keep receipts, emails, invoices, and purchase documents

Save all purchase data. Name of the site, what you have purchased, value, a form of payment, purchase or order protocol number, order confirmation, e-mails proving the purchase, everything can and should be saved, either in electronic or printed form. And, very importantly, require an invoice. If you have any problems with the purchase or even with the product, it will be much easier to prove the transaction and solve the problem.


6 – Escape peak times and do not waste time

When you find a product you are interested in, do not waste time. As there is a lot of traffic on the sites during the promotion, you run the risk of losing inventory. This is another reason why planning is so important: once you know what you want and how much you want to spend, you’ll have more time to find the promotion of your interest. Likewise, avoid peak times, which are usually midnight, noon and after 6 pm. So the chance of you facing congested sites or problems to complete the purchase is much less.