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Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding – Are you planning on getting married and do not even know where to start? In this guide, you find out what it will take to have a perfect marriage.

After the cold in the belly that accompanies the long-awaited wedding request, there is no bride or groom who occasionally does not get caught dreaming of the famous time of the sim, with the honeymoon trip, with the new house, with the children and with everything that a new couple is entitled to.

Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Step by Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding

All this is natural and happens because marriage is one of the most important rites of passage in society, an institution that survives the passing of time and adapts to modernity.

Along with marital status relationships and obligations change, and in times of social networks, changing status acquires an even broader connotation.

For all this to be as beautiful in practice as in your dreams, it is important to keep in mind that perfect marriage requires a lot of planning, organization, and work. It was in thinking that we prepared a small guide that will help couples in all the steps necessary to arrive triumphantly at the altar.


The choice of date

This may be the couple’s first dilemma. Some prefer to choose a date with symbolic meaning, others seek to adapt to the needs by reconciling, for example, the date they will have the house set up. There are also couples who choose the date thinking about the honeymoon trip.

Whichever mode you choose, the ideal is to choose the date in common accord and with great affection, after all, it will be celebrated for long years.

Plan and set the date in advance. So you can choose the church, the hall and the professionals you want, dribbling the competition that is great, especially on special dates like the month of May, known as the month of the brides.

Anticipating is also key to being able to pay installments more often since most services require full settlement by the date of the event. The larger the number of parcels, the easier it is to adapt them to the budget.

Take into consideration also the possibility of having the most important people present for the couple and, after setting the date, just inform informally the closest guests and start thinking about saving the date, or in Portuguese, reserve that date.

When you have set the date, remember to book a vacation or leave at work to avoid unwanted disorders.


Type of wedding

The couple must decide how they want the marriage to happen. Is the ceremony only civil? Will it be civil and religious on the same day or on separate days? Will the reception be formal or informal? The party will happen during the day or night? Is it an event for many or few people?

It is essential that these points be defined so that they can move forward by aligning the other items.


Church Choice

Planning in advance, you can mark your ceremony in the church of your dreams, but always check the regulation that includes rules regarding schedules, preparatory course for bride and groom, tolerance of delays, number of sponsors that can stay on the altar, order of entry of the pages and even the style of music.

Depending on the church you choose, you must hire music, decorations, and church ceremonies, but there are those that offer complete freedom of choice.


Budgets and hiring professionals and services

The list of professionals hired for a wedding party is great. Some companies offer closed packages, but some grooms prefer to search more to find more affordable prices.

Before choosing the space where the reception will take place, it is essential that you pay a visit, if possible on a day when a party is taking place. Take all your doubts and observe all the details. Check the kitchen, cooling system, bathrooms, parking space (if any).

To hire buffet services, weddings, sweets, cake, and drinks, it is recommended one or more tasting sessions. Eating and drinking are one of the things that most attract attention at a reception and, if they are poorly chosen, they can put everything to waste. For example, while the cake staging should be visually appealing, the cake to be served should be flavorful to match the beauty of the staging cake.

Many beauty salons offer the bride and groom’s day, but to avoid unpleasant surprises, think about the possibility of producing with the help of a professional you already know.

If your salon does not offer this service, feel free to do makeup, hair and nail tests in another room. Also, check beauty treatments like skin cleansing and waxing for the days leading up to the wedding, they are great for you to get with flawless skin.

You should also get to know the work of photographers, videographers, lighting, music, and decorators in advance so you can be sure that everything will work out in the long-awaited time.

As every bride has a favorite flower, it is necessary to be attentive to one important detail: the time of the flowers varies and, perhaps, the date of your wedding does not coincide with the time of harvest of the flower for the making of arrangements as well as for the bouquet the bride and the damask, which should match the decoration.

If your buffet and saloon do not offer, you will also have to hire waiters, security guards, and valets.

Having the help of a wedding counselor can be a hand on the wheel. They specialize in the organization of events and, in addition to being able to indicate professional partners, increasing their savings, these professionals are essential to take care of all the details, not letting anything go unnoticed, and especially so that on the wedding day you have the Tranquility to just enjoy a great time.

It is they who make contact with suppliers, receive and label gifts that are taken to the salon, guide the bride and groom as to the schedule of the party, that is, time of the dance, time of retrospective. If your advisor does not offer, ask him to bring a first aid kit with painkillers, new pantyhose, cleats, line, needle, nail polish and things you or your guests may need at the last minute.

If the couple’s family has a significant number of children, hiring child monitors can be a good call to distract the children.


Costs, budgets, and contracts

As soon as you start planning, create a spreadsheet. When knowing each type of service, write down the costs. Always have everything at the tip of the pencil so you do not lose track of your budget and over-estimate.

Whenever you hire a company or service, demand and keep the contract and be aware of the maturity of payments.


Guest list

Godparents, both civil and religious, should be invited in advance and in person. If they live far away, contact can be by telephone, but at the same time. So they will have time to schedule, choose the gift and if necessary make a hotel reservation and buy tickets.

The other guests should be noted on a list that must be revised a few times so as not to risk forgetting anyone. Likewise, if the number of guests is above the possibilities of the bride and groom, the solution is to eliminate less intimate people and give priority to those who are part of the conviviality and close relatives.



Oh, the honeymoon. Some couples expect more for this moment than for their own marriage. And you could, it’s a magical trip that, even if it’s on the beach and it gets cold every day, it will be unforgettable. It is time for the couple to regain their energies and prepare to actually start a life for two.

Visit travel agencies in advance and inform yourself of the itineraries offered. If the trip is international, be aware of the need to keep your passport up to date, as well as taking visas and taking vaccines.

If the trip is not scheduled to take place after the party, book a suite at a hotel for a romantic honeymoon night.

Switzerland stands out for its famous Alps and beautiful lakes. This combination of mountains and blue waters produces some of the world’s most phenomenal landscapes. Switzerland is one of the most sought-after destinations for honeymooners who prefer the mountains and the cold to enjoy the honeymoon. The best time to enjoy the snow is from December to March.

A trip to the cities of Zurich, Lugano, Geneva, Interlaken, the Alpine town of St. Moritz, plus the train ride on the Glacier Express, are among the top programs for newlyweds in Switzerland. Enjoy the evening for a romantic dinner and be sure to sample the Swiss chocolates. Although not so cheap, cities in Switzerland have great shopping centers.

South Africa is now one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the wide variety of programs that the place offers. It is very suitable for couples wishing to take an adventurous trip and at the same time enjoy to rest on the beaches or to shop. For honeymoon planning in South Africa, you can start by choosing one of several lodges located in the main area of Kruger National Park, South Africa’s largest national park. During the day, enjoy beautiful natural scenery, an exploratory safari and also take time to relax in the open swimming pools with views of nature. During the evening enjoy candlelight dinner with your beloved.

For those who want to enjoy a day at the beach, Durban is the place to go. Enjoy a sunny day on the beautiful beaches of the area. To end your trip, book a day to do some great shopping in Cape Town and enjoy typical African dishes in the city’s many restaurants and cafés.

If you are looking for a heavenly destination to rest during your honeymoon, Aruba is a perfect choice. The place consists of strips of white sand and a huge crystalline blue sea located in the southern Caribbean. One of Aruba’s advantages is location because it is off the hurricane route so you can plan your trip peacefully at all times of the year. It is more advantageous to choose a season out of the high season – from December to April – where prices are more affordable.

The place consists of a schedule that caters for all tastes. For the day enjoy the boat trips, submarine and 4 × 4. During the evening enjoy a dinner for two at one of the many on-site restaurants, and be sure to stroll through the center of the capital that has a beautiful architecture with a small shop to do some shopping. End your night having fun in the casinos in town.

One of the seven emirates and the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. Modernity comes to the fore with much luxury, exuberance and futuristic architecture. Brilliant skyscrapers, including the tallest building in the world, plus the world’s largest mall, with international brands and other attractions. All this along with much tradition, history, and culture.

One of the city’s main tourist attractions is Creek Side Park, a botanical garden that combines a unique view of nature allied to technology. Visitors to the city can also visit and experience the Burj Al Arab, the tallest hotel in the world at a height of 321 meters. For those who love to shop, Burjuman is a great choice as it is where most of the international brands are concentrated.

Enjoy typical Asian fare in one of the noblest and most prestigious restaurants of the place, the Ashiana. And for those who prefer seafood, it’s worth a night to dine at Pierchic.

Greece is a country of the great historical and cultural wealth of the world. Known as the cradle of civilization, ancient Greece left to mankind an infinity of palaces, temples, monuments, theaters among other constructions. The culture of the region added to the natural beauty of the islands and mainland Greece makes the place incredible. Greece is suitable for newlyweds who wish to take a trip with incredible scenery and content.

The best time to go to Greece is from June to August because the weather is warmer and with less wind. Among the several Greek islands the most famous is Mykonos located in the Cycladic archipelago. The constructions – predominantly of white color – are all on top of hills and the view is to take the breath of anyone. Boats and cruises are excellent transportation options to get to know the other islands.

The churches are also trademarks of the Greek people. It is worth taking a day to visit and experience the religious culture of Greek civilization. For parties and ballads Athens is the best place both during the day and at night. Greek cuisine is also not to be missed: typically Mediterranean with spices that give a special touch to each dish. Do not forget to savor.

A honeymoon in Jamaica promises to leave any newly married couple satisfied. The destination is famous for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands, plus a very rich culture. Music and Jamaican cuisine are pleasing to most Brazilians, but special care is needed with the pepper, typical of the place. Kingston, Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay are the main cities on the island and have unique attractions and stories as well as the resorts and the beaches that surround them.

One of the advantages of the island is that it is only an hour and a half from Miami, so it is quite easy to get to the place. For shopping choose the Ocho Rios fair, a kind of dutyfree shopping with an architecture reminiscent of a replica of the Taj Mahal. Avoid marking your trip between the months of August and November, because at this time the risks of hurricanes increase.

The Maldives is a paradise. The destination is famous for its immense islands surrounded by a crystalline turquoise sea and white sandy beaches. Being an isolated place, transportation is a bit more difficult. The best time of year to visit the Maldives is from December to April, where the probability of rainfall is lower.

To make the most of your trip, make sure all vaccines are up-to-date and protect yourself with plenty of sunscreens and a hat. Among the local attractions, several diving courses for tourists are offered, where you can see the immense natural diversity. For shopping and evening programs, visit the capital Malé and enjoy the culture and customs of the population living on the islands.

The capital of France is considered one of the most charming cities in the world, and it is no coincidence that it occupies this position. For newlyweds, Paris is a travel option that combines leisure, culture and romanticism. During a trip in Paris, the tourist immerses in the history and the conquests of Napoleon, including engraved in the Arc de Triomphe, one of the postcards of the “city of the light”. The Eiffel Tower contrasts with the Cathedral of Notre Dame, symbol of faith and religiosity.

The culture and history of the city can also be seen in the Rodin Museum and the Louvre. The gastronomic part of France is equally huge. Visit the historic bistro Cremeriè Restaurant Polidor and enjoy the best of French cuisine in a cozy and romantic place.

To buy the Galeries Lafayette – famous French department store – is an excellent option. There you will find beauty products, clothes, and accessories.

The best time to travel to Paris is between July and October, where the weather is pleasant. During the holiday season, you run the risk of not enjoying everything the city has to offer due to the low temperatures.

The clear waters, fruits, and flowers are trademarks of Tahiti. The hospitality of the place is also revealed on arrival when tourists are greeted with flower collars and exotic drinks.

Located in French Polynesia, the place is famous for its 180 islands with lush landscapes. The main island of the archipelago is Papeete where the main international flights are concentrated and which is the starting point for the other islands.

Enjoy the day to enjoy the natural wonders of the islands, such as diving and surfing, for example. Overnight visit Bora Bora – the hottest island – to dine at one of the fish and seafood restaurants as spice. To end the evening enjoy the typical music in a luau by the sea.

Be sure to stay at least one day in a bungalow over the water, the view is unforgettable. Attending a typical Tahitian dance show and pirogue walk – traditional craft of the place – are essential programs.

Living symbol of romanticism, Venice – located in northeastern Italy – inspires the dreams of many couples around the world. Channels cut by arch bridges, gondolas gliding through the water and medieval palaces form the identity of this mystical city that is on the wish list of most people’s travel.

The city receives tourists from various parts of the world throughout the year. To enjoy the beauty of this city you need to wake up early and walk a lot to get to know each corner of it. In St. Mark’s Square – the main tourist point of the city – is where St. Mark’s Basilica and the Clock Tower are located. Enjoy to walk and photograph the square that is covered by the pigeons of the city. Also enjoy a breakfast at Caffè Florian, opened in 1720 – the oldest café in town. Order a hot chocolate and enjoy reading a book and dating. For lunch, visit the Italian food menu and the large wine list at Le Bistro de Veneze. The romantic atmosphere of the Antico Martini restaurant is ideal for a dinner for two.

Venice is also a great place to shop. Visit Annick Goutal, a great place to buy perfumes and be sure to visit Bottega Veneta, where the main Italian labels are located.



The bride’s dress is a chapter apart. The bride itself is the center of attention of any wedding ceremony. Everyone wants to feel beautiful, splendid and everyone looks forward to getting to know the chosen model, a secret that is traditionally kept under lock and key. Choose the model that favors your physical type and makes you comfortable. At the time of the races, take the shoe that will be used and in the last tests, take all the accessories to ensure success. And do not forget the intimate costumes of the honeymoon, which may or may not be white, depending on the style of the bride.

For brides who do not give in to the party, the tendency is to change dresses, using a more discreet ceremony and a generally shorter one during the party. Thus the bride takes advantage of all the pomp and circumstance of the church, while taking advantage of the buzz.

It is up to the bride and groom to choose together with godparents the models and colors of the clothes standardizing or not. The groom’s clothing should stand out among the groomsmen’s clothes and the gown’s should be set in the company of the children’s parents. Parents and mothers of the bride and groom deserve special attention when choosing the tones used. The idea is that they stand out without taking the attention of the bride and groom.



Making a surprise and showing the wedding ring to the bride only at the time of the ceremony is a delight, but if you intend to do so, make sure the wedding ring is in the right size. If you are going to use the same engagement rings, do not forget to take polish to make it look like new in the wedding.


Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation can be simple or customized according to the bride and groom’s personality. Delivery must be made at least two months in advance. Confirm all addresses and, if necessary, hire a calligrapher. Your advisor can handle the RSVP service, which is confirmation of the guests’ presence.


Gifts list

If the bride and groom need it, they can count on the help of their mothers to define the items needed to make the gift list . Every experience at this time is welcome to choose really useful things. Try to choose more than one store giving the guests greater choice.

Another option is the travel list, most used by grooms who already have everything the house needs. Each guest buys a quota for the trip or tours that will be enjoyed on the couple’s honeymoon.


Layette and Bridal Shower

Some basic items the bride should buy gradually as bedding, table and bath that form the layette. Cooking utensils are usually won in pottery tea, which can be either exclusive to women or in the tea-bar model, where women are gifted with kitchen items and men with drinks.


Details that make all the difference

Besides everything that has already been presented, do not forget the details of the party: well married, souvenirs for guests and groomsmen, custom or traditional cake top, thrush or Santo Antonio to play with the bouquet, paraphernalia for prom, thank you cards by the presence, the vehicle that will lead the bride to the church and the bride and groom to the place of the party.

All of these items are optional, but with them you leave the party with your face, be it more traditional or relaxed.


Music, dance of the bride and groom and flashback

Define along with the sound team the songs that should be played both in the church and at the party. Choosing diverse rhythms is a good option to please all the guests.

Some couples surprise guests by doing a special dance at a strategic moment of the party, usually after dinner and before starting the dancing dance. On the internet, there are several creative and unusual examples to inspire you. If you want something more different, hire a choreographer and be willing to rehearse a lot to make it beautiful.