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The Collection of Luxurious Cars by Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner cars

Kylie Jenner, the benjamina of the Kardashian clan, is only 20 years old. Even so, she has already become one of the youngest and richest businesswomen in the world. No wonder, then, that being passionate about the world of the motor as it is and having at your disposal all the money there and for having, count on an incredible collection of luxurious cars that you keep in the garage of your mansion. His latest acquisition, which was made after breaking up with his ex-boyfriend Tyga – perhaps as an antidepressant – has been a bright orange Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SV, nothing more and nothing less than 370,000 euros. But before this one, Kylie already owned other fantastic gems.



kylie jenner cars range rover

This white Range Rover was Kylie’s first car. For this reason, as Jenner has said on different occasions, she will always have a special affection for him. Kylie was not wrong to take him because you can feel very identified with this model, it is a car that attracts all eyes, like her.



kylie jenner cars

Kylie is completely in love with her Class G 63. And no wonder, since the elegance and sobriety of this car are noticed where it goes. The story of why he decided to buy this car and not any other is curious. It turns out that Kris Jenner, his mother, used to drive one and Kylie always borrowed it, until one day Kris told him she had two options: either buy one of his own or give one to her. Jenner, finally, decided to self-treat him.



kylie jenner cars ferrari

Travis Scott, rapper and current boyfriend of Kylie, will have to put the batteries if you want to improve the gift that Tyga, his ex, made for his 18th birthday. The also rapper Tyga bought him a spectacular Ferrari 458 Italia of almost 250,000 euros. She shared the moment through all her social networks and that is … No wonder! We would all boast about our Ferrari if they gave it to us for our birthday.



kylie jenner cars ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST

Some people buy chocolate ice cream when they break up with their partners. Kylie Jenner goes from ice cream, she prefers to buy a luxury car. And she bought his incredible Rolls-Royce Ghost during one of his many breakups with Tyga. The ‘ghost’ cost the businesswoman nothing more and nothing less than about 270,000 euros.



kylie jenner cars lamborghini adventador

His latest toy also appeared in his garage from a break with Tyga – the definitive one. In this automotive wonder, Jenner has left 370,000 euros, the most expensive price she has paid for a car so far. This fierce and sporty model accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 2.9 seconds thanks to its 750 hp engine. All a monster to enjoy on the road.