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8 Incredible Tips on Applying Lipstick Flawlessly

Tips Using Lipstick
How to wear a good lipstick is not only the origin of the oles alone and hope the results can be stunning. Follow these few tips for beautiful lips.
Tips Using Lipstick


1. Tips before usage

Before you apply, you can lisptik applying foundation or concealer to further pull out color effects.
The use of the foundation or lip balms also helps prevent dry lips and covering a vertical slit lines on the lips.
To clarify the line of the lips then you can use a brush of lips. Professional makeup stylists typically use a lip brush to shape the contours of the lips before applying lisptik.


2. Don’t overdo it on the eye makeup and lip simultaneously

If you wear thick eye makeup, we recommend that you do not lipstiknya the dark. Can-you look like a clown.
We recommend using a lipstick gloss or light colors if you use mascara or eyeliner that is thick to give the impression of natural and balanced.


3. How to make your lips look fuller.

To get the lips look fuller, then use the liner outside line your original lips then apply gloss on the middle part of the bottom lip, paste it on both the lips.


4. Pretty on her lips not necessarily pretty on your lips

If you see your friend’s gorgeous lipstick color is visible, not necessarily the color it will be pretty on your lips.
The most appropriate way of knowing the appropriate color to our lips is by selecting 1 or 2 levels darker color from our lips.
You can read more about how to choose the appropriate color for the lips.


5. Is there any way the secrets to applying a good lipstick?

Everyone had a most suitable for him. There is nothing like using a lip brush, there are also love wearing his middle finger.
However most women wear lipstick straight from tubenya. No need to worry where the most good, for the color you select is appropriate then you will look gorgeous.


6. Use a liner as the base

Want long lasting lipstick? use the liner first.
Some women love applying liner to first with the reason the lines naturally will not be visible if the dioles lipstiknya first.
Uniquely, it is precisely the look lips will seem nantural if you slathered liner after lipstick.


7. The Liner must be matching with the lipstick so nice

Lipstick-shaped firmly it was good, but surely you make sure first color matching between liner with lipstiknya. Liner is darker it is ok, but if it is not then the color result will be destroyed.


8. How do I test the lipstick in the store?

Never applying lipstick tester to your lips, it was not hygienic. We recommend that you use fingertips because it’s the most natural lip color of approaching rather than slathered on the backs of the hands.

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