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Tips Choosing A Lipstick Color

choose lipstick
Choose the color of lipstick that matches his art there. You can’t choose favorites by color alone. There are several factors that need to be taken care of like a makeup pencil eyebrows and mascara, eye color, skin tone, hair color and especially the natural color of your lips on my own.
Although the use of the lipstiknya however, if the appropriate color selection is not good then this could be a big problem. Color selection effect on the charm and personality that you will show.
choose lipstick


1. Basic lipstick color selection for day and night

Always remember that your lip color preferably light colored for day and evening makeup for darker days. Logic is commonly used here, surely it applies to all women. Thin layers of color that covered with a matte finish is suitable for use during the day while the makeup colors are thick and covered with a layer of glossy is very appropriate for the evening.

2. Choose the color of the lipstick to match skin tone

If you tend to be dark skin color then it means the choice of the color of lipstick that suits you more. The colors of plum, chocolate, red, pastel and Orange are all suitable for darker skin. However, avoid using bright colors such as pink, bright orange and bright red.
For your skin tones are then all types in red will be matching with your skin. chocolate, berry, red, pink would be appropriate.
Lastly, if you have Radiant skin and tend to be pale, then select a bright pink or coral. Avoid red orange mix with especially glowing pink.

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