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What to do When Shoe is Too Big ? I Have More Tips

shoe is too big

Using oversized shoe was uncomfortable in addition to discomfort, it is also very disturbing appearance! Online shoe shopping as possible barriers usually occurs on the oversized shoe size. If the Brothers recently bought shoes and turn an oversized, do not trigger dismay and despair! Especially if the greatness of the gift of shoes a girlfriend or wife? This is not to be discarded, could you just got upset!
shoe is too big
Calm down; I’ve got surefire tips to oversize shoes you can remain comfortable to wear! Check out these Tips:

1. Thick socks

Socks are usually useful to absorb sweat, on the legs so that the shoes do not easily give rise to unpleasant odors. Additionally socks can also be used to protect the skin away from the friction of shoes directly, but there are still other benefits of socks indeed useful, Bro! SOCKS can be one of the options when the flagship shoe size oversize. Choose thick socks made of wool to be used in conjunction with the greatness of your shoe, this makes the legs become more volume, and of course shoe fame so fitting on the foot

2. A gap shoes

Use a gap is a thing most people do to get the oversize shoes. But beware of carelessly a gap shoes with objects that make the foot uncomfortable, Bro! If the tips from a gap which is good to use are in the form of fabric, foam or padded materials, Bro! A gap at the front end of the shoe. Tip this one is one of the very effective way Scotch shoe so that the shoe does not feel too loose.

3. Sol (insole)

For shoes that his model could put Brothers, sol in new alias insole, you can utilize the former shoe insole unused, don’t worry if you have guns insole, you can order a former shoe insole in store! If it’s still greatness too, I recommend using two times the insole. If your shoes are too long, install anti-skid soles at the heel of the foot that is capable of adding to the leg length of about 5 cm.

4. Use Gel

Brothers could have used the gel at the shoe repair to support little soles, the use of this gel is more convenient than having to use the gap between the tip of the shoe, gel shoe is already sold in stores, Bro! Especially the shoe store.

5. Heel Grips

Create a yet understand what heel grip is? I explain Heel grip is a kind of additional rear leg so that you are not in the shoe, its function sticking feet no blisters but can also cope with the shoes of greatness.

Although heel grips used by many women to avoid the shoes apart, turns heel grip is also very useful make men gentlemen, Heel Grip can be used on the type of shoes you fantofel greatness, because heel hold function keeping the back leg to prevent chafing, and can push the heel forward so that the foot of the Brothers felt fit while using your oversized shoes!

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