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Tips Using Pomade, Wet Hair and Dry Hair

using pomade
Tips Using Pomade-When you’ve decided to increase your hairstyle from the spiky style into hairstyle more shiny and impressed, you also need to override the styling gel your hair with hairpomade to get the hairstyle you want.
Hair styling POMADE is a product specifically designed to form a variety of hair styles. The best thing of this hair styling product is pomade can be used on all hair types. So the more diverse type and brand of pomade are manufactured with different materials ranging from water-based to petrolatum. Pomade can be your best friendin every opportunity, but you need to know about this product before you try and use it.
 using pomade




Of course the hair pomade is easily washed with enough water, but not all types ofpomade hanging from the base material pomade you use. Select the types of pomade that corresponds to the type or style of your hair.


Tips Using Pomade


Depending on the type of pomade and your hair type, how to use pomade plays a major role of the end results of your hairstyle pomade. Some tips and how to use pomade which can help get the best hairdo.



Some types of hair pomade works best when the hair is wet, such as in a State of original pomade, strong pomade or shine gloss pomade that deliver results. Layrite Pomade like Original, Super Hold and Super Shine. But note so that the hair is not too wet yet quite in a State of moist, wet hair because it will require a lot more pomade.While hair is damp only wear a little pomade and can result in hair styles that smoother and more slippery.




Pomade of any type you can use on dry hair and use more easily than on the hair moisturized. Of course using pomade while dry hair gives a different texture, order your hair will separate and look more textured. Use your fingers to comb the hair a couple of times to get the hairstyle you want.



layrite pomade

The last thing in styling your hair style, whether you want to display or not the shinyshiny hair. Depending on the hair style and the impression that you want to show, some final tips to acquire hairstyle that fits you:


The look of the Matte or shiny not good for oily hair types easily. You can get this look by using a matte pomade or original Layrite Pomade pomade like Hairclay Cement on dry hair.
The display is a glossy Shine or display that is suitable for the type of hair that is dry. Use a shine pomade or wet (wet) to get this look, you can wear in case of dry or wet hair. In addition, you also use pomade original layer, and then again with a shine pomade.