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Tzuyu Facts and Profile, Tzuyu’s Ideal Type

Tzuyu Facts and Profile


Actual name              : Sally Chou/周子瑜/쯔위
Alternative name     : Zhou Zi Yu/Chou Tzu Yu/Chou Zai
Nationality                : Taiwanese Taiwan
Date of birth              : 14/06/1999 (18 years old)
Belongs to the group: twice (South Korea) (active) (singing, Maknae, dance) (2015-)



Tzuyu is a singer from Taiwan. She is part of the JYP Entertainment Group twice.
She participated in the show “Sixteen” in order to integrate the new female group of the agency, twice.



Birthplace            : Tainan, Taiwan, China.
Blood type           : A
Size                       : 70
Weight                 : 48 kg
Nicknames          : Chewy, Yoda.
Astrological sign: Gemini
Chinese sign       : Rabbit
Motto                   : “Effort does not betray you!” , “If you keep doing your best and don’t give up, you will get a good result.”


Digital single

[2015.12.30] Two Yoo project-Sugar Man Part 11



  • Miss A: Only You
  • GOT7: Stop Stop it


Other information

  • Thanks to her particular charm, she managed to become very popular with viewers in “sixteen”.
  • She is the fourth member to be unveiled to the public. [Presentation]
  • She was chosen to be part of twice thanks to the fan votes in “sixteen”.
  • She’s a fan of Hyo Lyn [Sistar].
  • A staff from JYP came to Taiwan to audition it.
  • She took dance lessons when she was younger, and her parents were happy when they learned that she was taken in JYP.
  • When she left for Korea, she didn’t know how to speak Korean at all.
  • She does not like “Food not good”.
  • His name in Chinese means “Jade child”
  • She would like to travel abroad.
  • His favorite karaoke song is “like Ooh-ahh”.
  • The members called her “Yoda.”
  • She’s friends with Jackson [GOT7].
  • She likes the KIMBAP.
  • Tzuyu loves everything that tastes like “biscuits” and “cream”.
  • She’s right-handed.
  • She “kisses” the air when she sleeps.
  • It is particularly close to Sana.
  • Tzuyu is the member who wakes up early.
  • Tzuyu’s family has a dog named “Gucci.”
  • She is currently studying at the Lycée “Hanlim Multi Art School”.
  • She’s sharing her room with Chae young.
  • Among the members, it is the largest in size.
  • She loves roller coasters.
  • She loves the color “indigo.”
  • Tzuyu is ranked fifth in the ranking of members of Girlsband on the brand name of the month of May.
  • It is close to Elkie (CLC)



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