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How to Wear a Hat with Long Hair

How to Wear a Hat with Long Hair

How to Wear a Hat with Long Hair – The hat is the ideal accessory to perfect a LOOK, especially when it’s cold. But it also has some disadvantages: make the hair flat or not very well fit on our head. Our Tips hairstyles for (finally) well wear his hat.

How to Wear a Hat with Long Hair

How to Wear a Hat with Long Hair


Choose the styling products that allow you to stay well capped with a hat

When you want a nice hairstyle while wearing a hat, you should avoid using products called “wetting”, such as gels or oils. Their material may be absorbed by the cap … And in the long run to distort it.

They prefer the so-called “dry” textures such as sprays, powders, mousses, lacquers or dry shampoos. Products that you can’t do without wearing a hat and you have fine hair. They are indispensable for texturizing the fiber and giving it body.

Whether you keep your hair loose or tied, these styling products ensure the holder of the hairstyle. And above all, he saves us the ruffled hair when we take off coats and hats. – How to Wear a Hat with Long Hair


Prefer low hairstyles to wear a hat with sophistication

For the hairdresser Olivier Lebrun, you should not hesitate to make suitable hairstyles rather than simply letting go of the hair. Tying your hair makes life easier when you wear a hat … and it avoids slipping.

The four hairstyles to adopt when wearing a hat:

  • A simple ponytail, placing the tie at the bottom of the neck. It’s the famous pony tail. Variation: Place the clip behind the ear for a side hair effect (hair on the side), very trendy.
  • A braid is the essential hairstyle of the season. To the African or to the cob, that one plaits on the side to be able to bring it back on its shoulder.
  • A low bun, on the base of the neck. It can also be turned into a twisted or braided version.
  • A headband or a crown braid, in which one wraps his hair before coming to put the hat.



Can we create an evening hairstyle with his hat?

Sophisticated hat and hairstyle are not incompatible. Quite the opposite. Look at weddings or horse racing. Just a few ideas to create a 2 in 1 hairstyle for the outside with hat and for the interior … without a hat. – How to Wear a Hat with Long Hair

  • We hide a bun under his hat, to create two different hairstyles and surprise everyone at the time of removing his head cover.
  • We create a headband with a silk scarf and we integrate the length of the scarf in a mat aside before adding the cap as a finishing touch

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