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What are the Common Problems of Suspension?

What are the Common Problems of suspension

What are the common problems of suspension – When talking about car maintenance, shock absorbers are often neglected parts.

It must be said that it is not always obvious to a motorist to detect a problem in the parts of his suspension only by evaluating the behavior of his car on the road. Sometimes a more thorough mechanical inspection is put in.

So here are three symptoms that could put the flea in your ear of an anomaly in your shock absorbers.

What are the Common Problems of suspension


Is your vehicle less stable on the road?

The shock absorbers were created at the base to ensure increased stability of the vehicle and increase the comfort of its occupants. It should be known that most vehicles are equipped with four shock absorbers, housed in the inner wheel arches.

Their primary purpose is to ensure a good contact between the car and the road, regardless of the state of the roadway. In most cases, if you are driving a car with one or more shock absorbers in poor condition, you will be able to feel a turn instability or an abnormal bounce of your vehicle’s crate on a bumpy road.

In addition, braking instability could also be felt. Indeed, if you feel that your vehicle is literally plunging forward when you brake hard or swings abnormally backward in acceleration, it may be another sign of a shock defect.


Do you hear a noise or an abnormal breakdown?

If you hear an abnormal noise or breakdown when riding on a bumpy road, it may be another symptom of a defect in your suspension. Sometimes it will be the damper itself that could be the cause of such noise or otherwise, its upper part that most automotive technicians call ” head ”.

Regardless of the nature of the problem, it is important not to neglect the maintenance of your vehicle because a failure of the master parts of the suspension can even have consequences on several other components of the car and thus cause premature wear.


An abnormal oil leak around the shock absorber

During a visit to the garage, if the technician notices a presence of oil around a damper, there is a high likelihood that it will be inoperative due to a defective gasket. In some cases, the damper could drain completely from its liquid, which will force you to replace it with a new one.

There are several choices for the suspension parts. Of course, the original pieces are a guarantee of quality. On the other hand, it should be known that several independent manufacturers such as Monroe, KYB, and Gabriel produce replacement parts of the same or even greater quality than the original parts.