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What Color is Power Steering Fluid?

What Color is Power Steering Fluid

What Color is Power Steering Fluid – The oil power steering fluid is one of the most despised by owners of motor vehicles and even by some professionals. Perhaps because of the manufacturer’s instructions, which sometimes indicates the exchange only in case of problems. But the fact is that the oil power steering, also called hydraulic or hydraulic fluid oil, also needs attention, from both the vehicle owner, as a repairman of this, which should be able to hold the oil evaluation.



Unlike lubricants used in brakes and transmission systems, the oil used in the hydraulic steering system does not follow its own standard. The media are based on the requirements of DIN 51 524T3 and ISO 7308 standards, which are standards for fluids applied in brake systems. Due to the high demand of this system for attributes such as temperature and pressure, as well as the maintenance of this to acceptable levels, some vendors develop synthetic lubricants based on these standards, but only for power steering systems.

In addition, the vast majority of car brands stipulate their own requirements to suppliers, who develop lubricants specifically for their management systems.

Three types of fluids for power steering are more used in the market:

  • Synthetic oils;
  • Mineral oils;
  • Fluid for the automatic transmission.

Synthetic lubricants are developed in the laboratory with own formulation and additives for the power steering system. In general, they are prepared to provide good lubrication at low-temperature levels compared with applications to exchange and brakes. This type of oil for power steering systems should not be mixed with other types of oil (ATF or mineral), because the mixture may reduce its performance and expose the system to premature wear.


What Color is Power Steering Fluid?

What Color is Power Steering Fluid

Some hydraulic steering systems are designed so that they are able to operate with fluids for automatic transmission (ATF), which is a red colored fluid tending to pink.

In other cases, the standard mineral oil for hydraulic systems is used, which is suitable for various power steering systems because it meets the requirements of various brands.

Anyway, each steering system uses a different oil, which is able to provide good lubrication pump and steering box, protects them from corrosion and ensure proper functioning of the power steering system in every situation.