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What does “CC” mean on Motorcycles?

What does CC mean on Motorcycles

What does “CC” mean on Motorcycles – With so many options, models and engines available, buying your first motorcycle can be a tricky task. To know which model is most appropriate for you, you need to know how many CCs the motor of the bike has. However, do not be fooled by the “bigger, better” attitude when choosing a larger bike than your ability to ride it.

What does CC mean on Motorcycles


Determining the CC

“CC” or cubic centimeters is a measurement term used to determine the total volume of the motor cylinders of a motorcycle. In general, the higher the CC, the greater the displacement, the faster and more powerful the bike is. For example, a 250cc single cylinder motor will fill the engine with the 250CC air/fuel mixture before compression.

Displacement equal to the power
As the cylinder fills with the air-fuel mixture, combustion begins, forcing the pistons to move and causing the engine to generate energy and move the motorcycle forward. With an engine that has a larger displacement, more air/fuel is needed, producing more power.


Benefits and limitations.

While the benefits of a bike with higher CC are the higher power and speed, the downside is the higher weight and higher gas mileage. On the other hand, motorcycles with lower CC are weaker but more economical, being useful for use in cities.


Cubic inch

Usually used to measure the displacement in automobiles, the cubic inch or IC is used by Harley-Davidson and other American brands of motorcycles to name the displacement. The 88-cubic-inch (or 1450cc) Twin Cam engine is the largest engine produced by the brand.


Motorcycles for beginners

Scooters, trail bikes, and others are in the house from 50CC to 125CC. The most popular bikes are available between 150CC and 250CC. Most US laws require an engine of at least 150CC so the bike can be piloted on highways. Motorcycles with 500CC allow a better balance between performance and may be appropriate for inexperienced riders.


Intermediate / Advanced Motorcycles

Motorcycles ranging from 600CC to 1000CC are usually sporting. Most of the bikes in this category are made for those who already have some experience in riding on two wheels. Motorcycles with 1000cc or more are not recommended for inexperienced riders. Motorcycles with high DC are generally used for travel or high-performance piloting.