What Size is a 16 inch Pizza?

What Size is a 16 inch Pizza?

How big is a 16-inch pizza?

An extra-large 16-inch pizza is usually cut into 6 or 12 slices and served from 5 to 6 people. An 18″ ounce is usually cut into 6 or 12 slices and serves 6-7 people.

What Size is a 16 inch Pizza?

What Size is a 16 inch Pizza?

Similarly, how much bigger is a 16-inch pizza than a 14-inch pizza? A 16-inch cake has 201 square inches, about 31% larger, in terms of area than a 14-inch cake.

Similarly, one wonders, what is the size of a standard pizza?

While the NPR study looked at more than 3,000 pizzas to grind the average price per square inch of pizza, it can be helpful to look at just one popular food: PizzaHut. Pizza Hut serves three sizes: personal pot, medium, and large. Note: Restaurants don’t always clearly list the size of their pizza in inches.

Estimate the number of calories in one slice of a 16-inch pizza

The inches in the size of a pizza are the diameter of a circle.
The formula for the area of a circle is: πr2 = π(d/2)2

Assume that the calories of a pizza are uniformly distributed throughout the area of the pizza (even though we know there is a crust ring around the outside). For example, C calories per square inch.

The calories for a 6-inch pizza are: CA6 = Cπ(6/2)2 = 9Cπ = 590 [eq1]

The calories for a 16-inch pizza are: CA16 = Cπ(16/2)2 = 64Cπ
The calories for one of 8 slices of that pizza are: X = CA16/8 = 8Cπ [eq2]

The math:
Cπ = 590/9 [from eq1]

X = 8(Cπ) [eq2]
X = 8(590/9)
X = 524 [estimated]

There are approximately 524 calories in one of eight slices of a 16-inch pizza (note: this makes good sense since it has a little less than the area as a complete 6-inch pizza).

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