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Who is Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend ?

Who is Taylor Swifts New Boyfriend

Who is Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend? – TAYLOR Swift’s colorful dating life has inspired some of her greatest hits, and helped make her into the global superstar she is today.

After two high-profile break-ups last year, Taylor was stepping out as a single lady… until rumors of a new relationship with rapper Drake started to surface.

We take a look at the men that inspired her hits.

Who is Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend?



Drake sparked romance rumors with Taylor Swift, as he shared a surprise photo of them together on Instagram today.

Who is Taylor Swifts New Boyfriend

The pair were apparently seen flirting at Drake’s birthday party

The musician, who is rumored to be collaborating with the singer sent fans into meltdown on the social media site with the sweet photo.

Taylor and Drake were allegedly seen flirting at his birthday bash earlier this week, with one insider claiming Taylor received plenty of attention from the Hotline Bling rapper.

A source told Page Six: “They were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing. The only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor.”

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