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Why are My Thumbs Uneven? The Curious Case of the Stubby Thumb

Why are My Thumbs Uneven

Thumb finger thicker than the other?

Why the fingers have different sizes and what the function of each?

Why are My Thumbs Uneven

Why are My Thumbs Uneven


Why are My Thumbs Uneven

Have fingers of different measures is not uniquely human. “The first land animals had already rounded legs, which were fish fin adaptations,” says primatologist Castor Cartelle, from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. In the course of evolution, the land animals were changing and those with better-adapted members to the type of ground on which they walked ended up being benefited by natural selection. But the gap between the fingers remained in the majority. Monkeys, our ancestors are no exception. The novelty is that your thumb is opposed to the palm, which makes it easy to grab branches. And the human hand resembles that of a monkey, only improved because we have bigger thumb roundabout capacity and a unique muscle to flex it.


“Man only safe objects so precisely thanks to the development of the thumb,” says orthopedic Ronaldo Azze, Hospital das Clinicas, University of São Paulo. fine movements as writing or have surgery can only be performed thanks to him (see an infographic on the side).


Each with its task

The fingers have different functions.
The thumb and forefinger form a clamp. They are performing the delicate movements like putting the line in the needle or screwing an earring.

The thumb, index and middle fingers hold the pencil. The middle finger serves as a support and coordination between the other two guarantee the accuracy of the movement.

To grab larger objects, kick in the minimum and ring fingers. Try to hold back on the bus without them to see what happens.