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Why KPOP Idols Wear Masks?

Why KPOP Idols Wear Masks?

If you’ve ever seen a Kpop idol out of a show or dorm, you may have noticed that they are wearing masks. Heres why.

As you can see in the image above, many stars of the idol K-Pop wear masks when they go, especially when they arrive at the airport. You know why?

Why KPOP Idols Wear Masks?

Why KPOP Idols Wear Masks?


To keep their merchantable quality’s

If you haven’t noticed so far, Kpop idols wear makeup. But it’s a great hassle to wear makeup in a handful of hours on a plane trip. To hide your face without makeup, they wear masks.

(When TBH, do not need it!)


To avoid the passage/obtaining of infections

As singers, they can return an infection to the throat and avoid passing it wear masks.

They can also get infections from others, and be singers who can’t afford the luxury of getting an infection!


If you have skin problems

Let’s face it, if you had a choice to take a photo I am Jimim and your skin was all red, or take a photo with Jimim with a clear makeup, full-face, you would go with full face makeup.

Some skin infections may not be covered as acne can, so you can even wear masks on the stage!


To hide themselves

When you are being annoyed by thousands of PedirĂ¡un fans that you get from a stressful plane trip, you would want to hide too!

Although most of the fans are able to identify them, it takes a while to realize.