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Yamaha V Star 650 Review

Yamaha V Star 650 Review
Yamaha V Star 650 Review – Many chrome wheels, two parallel tailpipes and a wide 180/60 rear tire make the Yamaha Drag Star 650 look like a bike with a larger cubic capacity. However, with a V9 engine of 649 cm³, it is the most affordable custom medium-size engine for sale in the country.
Yamaha V Star 650 Review
The suggested model price is R $ 25,000.00. Worth almost R $ 5,000.00 less than the 750cc Honda Shadow, priced at R $ 29,980.00. There is the same difference compared to Harley-Davidson 883 (R $ 29,900.00), which among the three competitors is the only one to bring electronic injection.
Even with a smaller engine than the segment opponents, the performance of this 650cc custom does not leave anything to be desired. The two-carburetor, air-cooled propeller drives the message to push the pilot along with the 215 kg (dry) of this motorcycle.
The best is that the maximum torque (of 5.19 kgf.m) already arrives at 3000 rpm. On the road, its natural habitat, often is not even necessary to reduce march to make an overtaking. Just “give it” that the bike does the rest. The maximum power of the Yamaha custom – 40 hp – is enough for a smooth ride.
Another positive point is its autonomy, which can reach 450 km. At a constant speed of 90 km / h on the road, the Drag Star traveled around 30 km with one liter. This custom Yamaha was made for those who want to enjoy every minute on the bike without having to hurry to reach the destination. But if you make the “V2” spin high, once the maximum power reaches 6,500 turns, the bike is not economical at all. The consumption is around 19 km / l.


To complete the custom recipe, the Drag Star features a long and low look that can be noticed in the long wheelbase and low seat height. Its size – 2,34 meters in length – even impresses at first glance.

But it is with the bike running that one can really enjoy the grinding qualities and the good ergonomics of the project. The open handlebar and the saddle-seat are comfortable. The pilot feels ready to rotate for many miles, though the seat foam is not so firm for this purpose. It is also worth mentioning the final transmission system by shaft, silent and practically free of maintenance.

To qualify for five stars in terms of comfort, there are also a few additions to the Drag Star, such as auxiliary headlamps, windshield and platform pedals. The croup misses a more spacious bench and a sissy-bar (backrest). Small “customizations” that are made by most model owners.


Cycling “hardtail”
To reinforce the classic “hard tail” image – the old custom that did not have rear shock absorbers – the Drag Star hides the mono-damper beneath the well-designed mudguard. Attached to the back balance by links, it copes well the ripples of good roads, however, suffers greatly in the urban bureaucracy. In the front, it uses the traditional telescopic fork.
The brake system, the rear drum and 298 mm front disc, as well as other custom, is not the highlight of the bike. But taking into account the proposed star of the Drag Star, the braking is compatible.
Suitable set for a custom and attractive price vis-à-vis competitors make Drag Star a good buying option. “In the right measure” for those who want to get their foot on the road.


Engine: Two “V” cylinders, 649 cm³, SOHC, air cooling, 2 valves per cylinder.
Maximum power: 40 hp at 6,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 5,19 3,000 rpm
Diameter x stroke: 91,0 X 63,0 mm
Feed system: two carburetors
Compression ratio: 9: 1
Starting system: Electric
Exchange : 5 gears
Final transmission: Shaft
Capacity of tank: 16 liters (3 l reserve)
Chassis: Double tubular steel cradle
Front suspension: Traditional telescopic fork with 140 mm of travel
Rear suspension:Monobranced balance with 86 mm stroke.
Front tire: 298 mm single disc
Rear brake: 130 mm drum
Front tire: 100 / 90-19
Rear tire: 170 / 80-15
Dimensions (CXLXA): 2,340 x 880 x 1,065 mm
Wheelbase: 1.610 mm
Height minimum of soil: 140 mm
Seat height: 695 mm
Dry weight: 215 Kg
Colors: Black and silver
Suggested public price: R $ 25,000.00